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Do you have a lot of self-esteem (even too much)? Let’s find out immediately if you are in the ranking of the five signs with the most self-esteem of the horoscope!

Maybe it’s not you who has all this self-esteem but a person you know and, frankly, you don’t even like him.
You hate the way he dresses, the photos he posts, or just his way of doing it: but why?

There are people in the world who have been ” blessed ” with a truly industrial amount of self-esteem.
Aren’t you curious to find out what are the signs of the horoscope that start with an advantage in this category (and if you are there too?).

The signs with the most self-esteem of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking of the zodiac signs

It is useless to try to hide that you hate that person full of self-esteem. After all, just because you have no filterslimits, or fears, it seems to you that that guy or that girl is having a lot more fun than you!
Obviously, however, we could be wrong and are talking to someone who, instead, is very sure of himself … too much, maybe!

Today we want to find out the ranking of the zodiac signs that have more self-esteem in the zodiac and try to understand it better. After all, if you are in the top five it means that you can absolutely wear that pair of orange shoes you bought two years ago!

Let’s see which are the signs with the most self-esteem of the zodiac and let’s try to find out where all this self-confidence comes from.
Are you sure you are not in the rankings (and therefore not to be hated by everyone else)?
Here are the top five positions!

Taurus: fifth place

It is useless to even talk about it: those born under the sign of Taurus have decidedly irrepressible self-esteem, isn’t it?
No, dear Taurusdo not you be offended: you are particularly gifted persons, which in many envy and that almost everyone would like to copy. Having self-esteem, in your case, is particularly justified!

The Toro is one of those signs that ” pretends ” to have no self-esteem because it is also very insecure. Put him in a position, however, to have to defend himself or his work and you will see how he will transform!

Aries: fourth place

All those born under the sign of Aries are also particularly gifted in terms of self-esteem. According to them, in fact, there is almost none of the good Aries himself at what he does!
Maybe the reason, eh, but this does not mean that people born under the dell ‘sign Aries can be at times, particularly indigestible to others.

If you hear someone constantly talking about their insecurities but then also praising themselves to no end, you will understand what we mean.
And if you know someone born under the sign of Aries … well, then you already know what we are talking about!

Scorpio: third place

In third place of our horoscope ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Scorpio. We know how “ full ” of self-esteem they can be, don’t we? The Scorpio, in fact, is a sign very happy to himself and able to change his life in an instant.

Those born under this sign are people who are particularly focused on them and their needs and are not afraid to get to first place in their list of priorities.
At the same time, therefore, they do not even skimp on compliments or pats on the back when they talk about themselves: in short, those born under the sign of Scorpio really have the self-esteem to sell!

Libra: second place

Deserved or not, one thing is certain: Libra is one of the signs with the most self-esteem in the entire zodiac! Those born under this sign, in fact, can certainly be seen as quite exuberant people. When they do something nice, then, they end up spreading out so much that they take all the credit for it!

The balance is certainly not a sign of modest, pretending not to have merit, or who does not speak of his goals. In fact, in work or private life, Libra always tends to give themselves everything they can: it does not matter whether it is deserved or not!
The balance is simply a very sign exuberant and always ready to party.

Their self-esteem is almost boundless: you absolutely cannot convince them that they are not living the best life, in the best place, and with the best people in the world.
After all, in the end, Libra is happy like this: why try to get in the way?

Leo: first place in the ranking of the signs with the most self-esteem of the zodiac

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to all of us to find that Leo is at the top of our ranking today.
After all, there really is no one who has more self-esteem than them!
The lion is a sign that really believes in his abilities: sure, it often makes sense given their many talents!

Although at times, are taken by doubts like any other person, those born under the sign of Leo are definitely full of self-esteem (and even a little arrogant, if you ask). Leos ‘
self-esteem sometimes throws them into decidedly not very funny situations: like when they are convinced of something wrong but their self-esteem convinces them to carry on their point without fear!

Even if they are often wrong, those born under the sign of Leo exploit their self-esteem in a very positive way, most of the time.
Being close to them can make you feel truly inspired – don’t underestimate them!

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