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The Zodiac Signs From the Messiest Desk

The desk, we can say, is our soul mirror. It is an important sentence, but certainly true, also because the desk reveals our work plan, our life plan, too, if we may say so. But lo and behold, what are the signs that they instead have the messiest desk of all?

We decided to talk about it today with a very particular article that will be able to reveal a lot of things about the characters of many signs. But let’s get started right away.


What about the bull? It is a sign that he is always ready to work hard, and for this reason, his desk is always messy. It’s as if the organization isn’t his strong suit, in so many ways. He should learn to manage his things better. It’s only in this way that things about him will change, and perhaps it is in this way that his desk will start to be much tidier.


Today’s list of signs couldn’t miss the twins, how could a sign that lives in total confusion like him have a desk? Well, disorder dwells in its spaces, it just can’t be as precise and functional as it should be. Well, on the other hand, everyone has their limits, if we can define them that way. And it’s not easy to overcome them, especially if they are part of the character of each of us.


And then we have cancer: he is a desk where confusion and disorder reign and it is no coincidence that he often can no longer find the essential things that are useful for him to continue along his work and his path. He should get his act together, it affects his organization and his professional work performance. If you know him, you know him very, very well.

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