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There are women who love to be wooed and others who, instead, prefer action. Find out how women of the zodiac think.

When it comes to love and sentimental conquests, each of us has his ideas. These are usually the result of the experiences acquired over the years, of the temperament and dreams of each person, and tend to change a lot from person to person.
If we talk about relationships, for example, some people prefer to be courted, and others feel more comfortable making the first move to somehow dictate the rules of courtship.
Since this aspect is at least partly influenced by the stars, today after seeing how the women of the zodiac flirt and what are the most mysterious zodiac signs, we will find out which women of the zodiac love to be courted and which ones prefer the opposite.

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Horoscope: the women of the zodiac who love to woo and those who prefer to act

Aries – Those who prefer to lead the game
Always active, those born under the sign of Aries, while they do not despise those who come forward in courting them (as long as they do it well), they prefer to take the initiative or, at least, lead to their way the courtship. Usually, therefore, they like to make it clear that they are interested, throwing direct glances and making some ironic jokes. When they realize they have been understood, they begin to wait for the next move to counterattack. This gives them the feeling that they can lead the game and this makes them particularly enthusiastic. But be careful, because they get tired easily and when this happens they can be unpredictable.

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Taurus – Those who love to be courted with elegance
The natives of Taurus are very fond of form and when it comes to courtship they love those who know how to come forward with elegance and decision. A union that with them is not always easy to maintain because they manage to find excessive things that seem normal and believe that not much is being done when, on the other hand, one stops just so as not to hurt their sensitivity. Wooing them is therefore quite complex but when you are on the right path they know how to make it understood thanks to looks and smiles that speak for themselves and that know how to transmit the right energy to move forward.

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Gemini – Those who have not yet decided
Yes, those born under the sign of Gemini are, as often happens, undecided. Therefore, even in the delicate phase of courtship, they do not know what to prefer. While sometimes they love the idea of ​​being courted with great romance, others feel the need to take action, acting as they feel and then discovering the results. The problem is that they often change their minds in the process of creating a bit of confusion in what is usually called role play. An aspect of which, fortunately, they are aware almost always taking with irony any problems or misunderstandings due to their way of doing. Certainly, however, it is difficult to get bored in their company.

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Cancer – Those who claim to be courted
The natives of Cancer don’t mince words when it comes to courtship. For them, the other must make the first move and if this does not happen they can take it as an affront that makes them lose all possible interest. Used to being pampered by everyone, they have high expectations on courtship methods and when these do not materialize they can be hurt. To be able to court them, therefore, it takes a lot of patience, a spirit of enterprise, and great empathy.

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Leo – Those who enjoy wooing
Those born under the sign of Leo do not have great preferences but when they like someone they are not the ones to wait and if convinced they are always ready to take the first step. Once completed, however, they await a sort of response that can make them understand how things are going. Very sure of themselves, they rarely expect reticence and if they do not immediately see the enthusiasm on the other side, especially after having exposed themselves, they tend to take it personally and all with the risk of leaving even permanently. With them, therefore, you have to be decisive and able to convey your intentions.

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Virgo – The ones who court every other day
Virgo natives are always a little confused when it comes to feelings. If on the one hand, they dream of the prince on the white horse, on the other they love to feel emancipated enough to be able to afford the first move. This underlying confusion tends to make things complicated at first, at least until they choose a position to take. Once you have decided how to move, things tend to become smoother because thanks to their observation skills they can understand the feelings and any intentions that are on the other side. An aspect that they constantly take into account and based on which they move.

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Libra – Those who wish to be wooed
Those born under the sign of Libra consider themselves too elegant and sophisticated to woo anyone. For them, the interest in them must be shown with serious intentions and with a stubborn court and able to flatter them. That said, they always know how to send veiled clues to those interested so they don’t risk missing out on opportunities. In the same way, they know how to make any pretenders, not to their liking understand that they do not want any approach and if necessary they can also show themselves hard in doing so. They are, after all, resolute people who, albeit with ways of doing things, always know what they want and how to get it.

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Scorpio – Those who love to be wooed
The natives of Scorpio have all the credentials to woo someone but they too love being on the other side to do so. However, if they are interested, they can make it clear that they are interested even if in doing so they often love to tease by letting people believe different things and often in opposition to each other. The moment linked to the conquest is one of those they prefer and for this reason, they are never in too much of a hurry, appreciating long shorts made of rising adrenaline. For them, therefore, it takes people who can understand their emotions and make them feel the right ones to get to the same point without illusions or misunderstandings on both sides.

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Sagittarius – Those who court without problems
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love the moment of the first flirtations and courtship and they do not have any problem in provoking until they get to woo those interested. Which becomes even more decisive if they are afraid of having rivals. When they like someone, therefore, they try to attract their attention in every way, joking and seeking physical contact to understand if the attraction is mutual or not. Once this detail is understood, they then evaluate whether or not to take action. What if they meet someone ready to woo them? If so, they certainly know how to make their interest understood.

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Capricorn – Those who love to play together
Those born under the sign of Capricorn do not have a precise idea about their preferences in terms of courtship. They sure don’t draw someone to flirt with them but they tend to feel pressured easily if the ways get pushy. For this reason, they prefer an exchange of words and glances that go hand in hand with the intentions of both and that gradually lead to the consolidation of something. When this happens they finally feel satisfied and ready to accept even the most convinced advances, as long as they never exceed their times which vary according to the type of involvement, the situation of the moment, and many other things that those who woo them will have to learn to recognize and seriously consider.

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Aquarius – Those who prefer to be courted by invitation only
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are difficult to approach. While they don’t disdain being courted, they only pretend to be courted by people they like and in the ways they prefer. Otherwise, they feel so pressed that they get to feel a sense of annoyance which, in the long run, would lead them to lose any kind of interest. Courting them, therefore, implies a good dowry of perseverance combined with the desire to know them enough to predict their reactions.

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Pisces – Those who dream of being courted
Those born under the sign of Pisces are so romantic that from an early age they dream of someone who is able not only to make their heart beat faster but to court them in the right way. For them, therefore, it is really difficult to think about changing roles and taking the side of the action. The most they can do, and also very well, is to let their interest be perceived when it is very much alive. For the rest, they prefer to wait, certain that being courted is also an indication of interest and that otherwise, it is better not to waste time. After all, they want to be courted for life.

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