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The Wolf Moon on January 7 Has the Intensity and Strength of 100 Full Moons

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Once a month, we have the opportunity to experience the healing energy and heavy emotions of a Full Moon.

The Full Moon represents a period of liberation from the pains and wounds that we gathered in the previous month, of forgiving those who hurt us, and of closing chapters so that we can continue our journey on the path of our destiny.

When you allow the energy of the Full Moon to engulf you, you will experience a sense of rebirth and transformation as the Moon moves into a new cycle.

This time the Full Moon takes place in Cancer, the only sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Moon in all its glory. This placement makes the January Full Moon the intensity and strength of 100 Full Moons.

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Why is the first Full Moon in January also called the “Wolf Moon”?

The Full Moon of this period is also called the “Wolf Moon” because it is said that every year, in January, on the night when the Full Moon rose, wolves were also heard howling. As howls and all the sounds made by wolves are generally used to announce their presence, define territory, locate pack members, strengthen bonds, and coordinate hunting, the themes of the Full Moon are closely related to nature: courage, power, trust, and relationships.

The Full Moon in Cancer: what power does it have over us?

Cancer, along with Pisces and Scorpio, are the zodiac signs ruled by Water. Each element in astrology is associated with certain themes and energy, and Water is the element related to emotions, creativity, and deep intuition.

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When the Full Moon rises in a Water sign, we are more likely to experience an even greater increase in emotional responses to everyday situations. But when the Full Moon appears in Cancer, things change – we’ll feel an extra boost when it comes to connecting with our emotional center. Although we may think that we are more vulnerable than usual, during this period it is possible to feel more confident in our strength; now we can face and successfully manage vulnerable feelings that we have been hiding.

Even if this Full Moon rises on January 7, its effects can be felt 2 days before and 2 days after (ie from January 5 to January 9).

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How will the Full Moon in Cancer influence us?

While the Full Moon in Cancer can amplify our emotional states, the Sun in Capricorn will be there to balance this powerful energy and help us stay connected to who we are.

We may feel the energies around us or intuitively know things without needing proof – it’s as if the Universe is speaking directly to us. It is important to pay attention to those “flashes” of perspective that we are receiving right now.

If we have desires and dreams, now is the time to implement our plans and fight for what we want to achieve/achieve.

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Which signs will be deeply affected by the Wolf Moon?

As the Full Moon is in a Water sign, Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios will feel its energy much more deeply than the other signs.

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For Cancer, this energy will revitalize the richest and most interesting features of his personality: creative self-expression, depth of emotions, sensitivity to energies and feelings, and improved intuition.

Another sign that could be deeply affected is Capricorn, who will feel overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of emotional energy.

Fortunately, the other zodiac signs will express an increase in emotional sensitivity, a desire for creativity, and a connection with their intuitive centers.

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