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If you know one of the most mammon signs of the zodiac you have probably already realized it: let’s just hope that your boyfriend is not in this ranking!

Hey, we don’t wish that for you and your relationship but it’s best if you check today ‘s horoscope ranking . We asked stars and planets to tell us which are the zodiac signs that behave most like mother ‘s chariots even in old age and they told us which are the first five of the whole horoscope . It’s okay that mom is always mom, we agree, but they exaggerate!

The most mammon signs of the zodiac: find out if your partner is in today’s ranking

That they are always on the phone with their mom , at least at first, might seem like a great sign .
They have a healthy relationship with their mother and we like this… but how healthy is it really?

The most mammon signs of the zodiac are people who, generally, can’t help but… behave just like mammons !
They always listen to what their mum says and as much as that’s okay when you’re younger, when you grow up it gets downright… weird.

If you know a mammon too, you will see that you will find him in today’s ranking. Let’s just hope that your partner’s zodiac sign is not in the top five … otherwise some nice ” cats to peel ” are waiting for you in the future!

Cancer: fifth place

Hey, dear Cancers , don’t make that face. It’s okay that you are independent and that you know how to make your own decisions, it’s okay that you are loving and able to create a family from nothing but we have to tell you: you are mammons over and over !

Those born under the sign of Cancer , in fact, are people who just can’t help but be mammons (also and above all because Cancers really like to pull the rope … like these zodiac signs !). They adore their mum and always ask her for advice… and if they don’t ask her for advice, they just want to make a good impression in front of mum . Impossible to convince Cancers to ” break away ” from this figure!

Aries: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Aries are real mammals. The mother, for Aries , is really the only person that matters … or rather she is the first and the one for whom the Aries feel and will always have very strong feelings !

We know, in fact, that Aries are people capable of becoming very selfish at times. Nothing matters to them, if not their own goals and needs: those of the others are pale background suggestions. Mum, however, for Aries is really everything: they always put her first and also, often before themselves!

Leo: third place

Even if they seem really arrogant and always little interested in emotional relationships (of any kind), Leos are actually mammons!
In fact, Leo is a sign that always puts the family first .

While they can be real braggart (as this horoscope ranking tells us) those born under the sign of Leo are people who would truly do anything for their mom. This also means that Leos would be able to end a friendship with you if you say something wrong about their parent!
Be careful with Leos : for them , the family is not touched and, above all, their mother is not touched!

Aquarius: second place

Who better than the Aquarius could be called a mammon? Well, no, we know, the Aquarius were offended.
Dear Aquarius , look, we are not really telling you anything bad!

If you are in the ranking of the most mammon signs of the zodiac it is only because we know very well that you would do anything for your mom !
As much as the Aquarians want to convince themselves that they have grown up and that they have moved away from their mother to finally become adults … we all know that this is not the case!

Dear Aquarius , you are people who really care about their mother and if this means that you can also be mammons , there is really nothing wrong with that.
After all , there is no one like Mom !

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the most mammon signs of the zodiac

Dear Sagittarius , it’s time to admit it: you are mammons, over and over!
Sagittarius is a sign that he has an almost ancestral respect for his mother: this does not prevent him, however, from being a real mammon when he wants!

Sagittarians are people who pride themselves on being very independent, fearless of anything.
This is true but precisely due to the fact that their mother always remains their guide from afar!

Dear Sagittarius , there is nothing wrong with being people who seek advice and comfort from their mom!
Of course, when you start to exaggerate then it can be trouble: but now that you know that you are the most mammon in the zodiac we are sure you will notice!

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