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No, don’t be ashamed. If you are in the ranking of the stupidest zodiac signs of the zodiac there will be a reason: aren’t you curious to know him?

Okay, okay: we know that calling someone ” stupid ” is absolutely not nice or funny.
How many times, however, have you happened to think that you have done something hopelesslypainfully, and sensationally stupid?

The writer of the article can answer by speaking for himself: more than once!
Today we want to discover the ranking of the zodiac signs that indulge in certain attitudes even though they know that they could have consequences that are not exactly fantastic. Don’t want to find out if you are in the rankings ?

The stupidest signs of the zodiac: today’s horoscope ranking puts everyone in trouble

Calling someone stupid is certainly not the best way to introduce yourself. We do not want to just say that the signs which are located in this ranking are stupid to 100% but it’s just … sometimes do not make the choices very prudent.
Come on, be serious: you surely know someone (if not yourself) who can always, constantly (and painfully) make the wrong choice.

Today we decided to compile a ranking of all those people who, according to the stars and planets, are not really able to do ever chosen more rational.
Aren’t you curious to know if you’re on the leaderboard or if, as you’ve always suspected, your enemies aren’t there?

The ranking of the stupidest signs of the horoscope will surely make us laugh and even reflect a little. Stars and planets have decreed what are the signs most foolish of the Zodiac: it’s time to discover them and expose them, one by one!

Aries: fifth place

Dear friends of Aries, the time has come to admit it. You can be a little stupid when you decide to put in a lot of effort … in the wrong choice! Those born under the sign of Aries, in fact, often get stuck and remain in decidedly complicated situations for the pure taste … er, to stay there !

Their ” stupidity ” is all about their stubbornness: they believe they can change people or get them to do exactly what they want. Dear Aries: there is no worse fool than those who do not want to hear!

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Aquarius: fourth place

In fourth place of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Aquarius; they too can be downright ” stupid ” when they want!
L ‘ Aquarium is a sign that strives ceaselessly for others: for all those who do not deserve it absolutely!

Even when it is clear that others are taking advantage of his good heart and his patience, ‘ Aquarium utterly fails to stop the perhaps by doing.
His stupidity has mainly to do with his goodness: the ‘ Aquarius can not stop to listen to the people toxic of his life, even when he knows that it is wrong to continue to follow them!

Leo: third place

In third place in our horoscope ranking, there are all those born under the sign of Leo. This is a sign that he can be really very stupid … even if he does everything himself!
In fact, Leo is one of those personalities who sincerely never manage to admit that they were wrong.

It’s not in their ropes! Always convinced that they have the truth in their pocket, those born under the sign of Leo often do some stupid things, convinced that they are right.
From the way they put the coffee on fire to quantum physics, those born under the sign of Leo always think they know things much better than others.
When someone corrects them, then, Leos become even more convinced of their ideas with results that are often … not very performative!

Gemini: second place

If we really want to call Gemini stupid, at least let’s call them stupid for the right reason: the emotional one!
The twins, in fact, earn second place in the ranking of the signs of the zodiac more stupid because of their ” disasters ” sentimental, who follow them wherever they go.

For those born under the sign of Gemini, in fact, no (sentimental) lesson is worth anything: they learn nothing from everything that happens to them!
Yet, Geminis are always embroiled in some sentimental disaster, they do nothing but hurt every person they meet or play the victim’s card.

Their ” stupidity ” has more to do with the fact that, often, they decide to let it get the upper hand on their side more ” playful .”
Here, then, that the Gemini turns into “annoying” people, always ready to pull the rope to see how far the others will hold up.
Sometimes this attitude is really funny: many others, it creates situations… impossible!

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Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the stupidest signs of the zodiac

At the top of today’s horoscope ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Scorpio. Incredible (but true) they are the ones who deserve the palm of the zodiac’s most foolish! The reason is that Scorpio is one of the signs of the zodiac that has the most ” at stake ” and that has the most to lose when it comes to reputation.

That’s why he often makes ” stupid ” choices. The folly of Scorpio has little to do with the ideas that come to him, as much as with the need to always make a good impression.
This is a sign that is immediately relieved and that he always risks doing something very foolish precisely because of his indignation.

Too bad that Scorpio has a hard time understanding that the angrier he gets, the more… he becomes silly in the eyes of others!

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