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The Strongest Pairs Of Zodiac Signs

Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio can have many differences, a lot of their own, personal interests, but they are incredibly drawn towards each other. They may be aware that each of them is full of difficulties in character, but this does not become an obstacle to rapprochement and transformation into a single whole. Yes, Scorpions and Pisces, having formed a pair, literally merge and look in the same direction. To some extent, this idyll is the merit of Pisces, who can – to a reasonable extent – obey Scorpio, thus smoothing out all corners.

Taurus and Cancer

Representatives of these signs, being together, almost do not sort things out, but simply live to each other in joy. Each of them knows how to listen, knows how to hear and is ready to help the partner in everything. Cancer and Taurus form a wonderful, lasting alliance, which can be threatened only by the excessive focus of one of them on the goal. Yes, in this pair it is better not to have too strong ambitions and put on personal happiness, rather than on a career. If you can’t, then be prepared for difficulties, for what you yourself will worry about due to insufficient attention to your soul mate.

Aries and Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are related by hostility to the stormy manifestations of feelings and publicity. They prefer the formula “happiness loves silence.” According to it, they exist, rarely getting out somewhere, narrowing the circle of communication with outsiders to a minimum and choosing work not at the office, but at home. You can see Aries and Aquarius walking silently through the park. They are able to remain silent for hours, but it’s not scary. Why words, if everything is clear already. They just feel good together, and let the rest of the world wait.

Gemini and Aquarius

And here is another option for Aquarius, the exact opposite – Gemini. This is exactly the case when opposites, antagonists are attracted to each other. Restrained Aquarius puzzles over the behavior of Gemini, does not understand how you can not think about anything and just live. But then he realizes that he, the restrained and responsible Aquarius, likes this behavior. And not just like it, but really like it – it delights and fascinates. No, they themselves will not become like that, but when paired with Gemini they will find that they are very well together. And all plans, deeds and deadlines – this is nonsense, Aquarius will take it upon himself.

Aquarius and Libra

They always maintain mutual interest, and even when the passion passes, a strong sense of love will remain and remain. The basis of a happy and long relationship is the ability to put up and come to compromise decisions. Weights in this pair require more attention, since they cannot stand being alone. Aquarius is able to give his partner everything he has, and greatly appreciates the reliability of Libra. In addition, they often have the same hobbies, and in general they like to do something together, not sitting in different corners of the room.

Cancer and Scorpio

They have a lot in common and no less – different. Cancer and Scorpio can differ in all respects, except for the main thing – mutual passion. They rarely get bored with each other, even if they talk about all sorts of nonsense. The problem is that their feelings are manifested by waves, and sometimes such a wave can cover with the head, and sometimes it can be thrown to land. If you know the measure, then you can get along perfectly. It is only important to monitor what is said out loud: sometimes in the heat of passion you can seriously hurt your partner.

Sagittarius and Leo

Sagittarius is always looking for something, and Leo, in essence, chooses stability. In addition, Leo likes to subordinate, and Sagittarius is not at all like the team. But. Surprisingly, such unions are distinguished by reliability and durability. The recipe is simple – mutual love and the ability to yield. Moreover, in tandem with Sagittarius, the narcissistic Leo suddenly at some point realizes that he also learned to compromise. And he will like it, although Leo will not show to mind that he is ready to agree with someone.

Sagittarius and Aries

Both want to test their strength for the sake of new achievements and victories, but they can only do this by relying on their partner. They produce all their resources thanks to each other. Sagittarius and Aries are dreamers, inventors, behind them is the sin of turning the desired into reality. But this is not as scary as it might seem: they know how to turn dreams into reality with the help of incredible perseverance. How idealism and earthliness can be combined in these people is a mystery. However, it can.

Pisces and Cancer

Quivering signs, they perfectly find a common language. And, having gained each other, they instantly turn into a single whole, while preserving their individuality. The world for them is something big, tedious and sometimes dangerous. So this couple prefers to live in their own world, where silence, mutual understanding, tenderness and devotion reign. Fishes and Crayfish are very vulnerable, but if something threatens their second half, they become furious and are able to stand up for themselves and half.

Virgo and Taurus

And here is a couple where the leader and follower are well aware of their roles and play them easily. Rather, they do not play, but sincerely live, never once feeling deprived or somewhat disadvantaged. Virgo and Taurus easily quarrel, easily reconcile, and not only the subordinate Virgo, but also the steering Taurus is able to concede. Both signs are big fans of order and lovers of chaos, they like to live in comfort and not experience stress. Taurus and Virgo are real hard workers and are stubbornly building their happiness in every sense. As they say, it’s nice to see.

Libra and Gemini

Two carefree signs that are good in each other’s company. They have unusual interests that occupy their entire life, Libra and Gemini love everything new, they like discoveries and surprises. Give them the opportunity to travel and they will spend all their time on the road. And they also support each other very well, do not really follow the order, preferring chaos, unpredictability and emotional and heart impulses. Libra and Gemini are very loyal to each other, and all they need is love and vivid impressions. Sitting still is not their story, definitely.

Capricorn and Taurus

These are true friends who, however, do not lose their true love for each other over the years. The relations of Capricorn and Taurus are outwardly very even, restrained – these signs are not inclined to show feelings in public. However, passions rarely flare up alone between them, and Shakespearean passions are certainly rare. Taurus and Capricorn greatly appreciate the lack of noise, fuss, and the model of the Italian family – with beating plates and melodramatic scenes – does not suit them. They are just happy together, and that’s it.

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