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The stars define them as the artichoke heart signs because they are too good and often end up suffering in love.

These 3 astrological signs have a soft heart and are too naive. They trust their partner and believe all his promises. They hardly impose themselves in the relationship because they do not want to argue or for fear of hurting the partner. In love, whoever is next to them always wins.

These three signs are likely to suffer most of all in love because they are too good and too naive and they also fall in love with great speed. This is the lethal mix that leads them to be heartbroken . The signs that have this “defect” are three: Libra, Aries and Pisces.

Libra, Aries and Pisces are the signs with an artichoke heart

In love they let their guard down too often. As soon as they begin to feel something towards a person and see glimpses of mutual interest, they are convinced that Cupid has shot the arrow of love. Not even the time to make sure that their interest is truly reciprocated that they say they are madly in love. With butterflies in their stomachs and their heads in the clouds, love takes over everything and fully dominates them by lining their eyes with ham. If only they were less enthusiastic, they would avoid many disappointments. Sometimes people are not what they seem but these three signs realize it too late.


The Libra native is a sign ruled by three things: justice, balance and harmony . It is a sign that defends the weakest and does not tolerate wickedness, it spends its entire existence finding a balance and hates conflicts of all kinds.

In love, she tends to idealize her partner a lot, leaves him the last word, the important decisions and always takes his opinion into consideration. In the relationship with the native of Libra, it is the partner who has a dominant position. This attitude can be read as an unwillingness to commit or a kind of generalized indifference that pushes the partner to run away. Libra is not very inclined to communicate his feelings and even when he should be struggling not to lose everything he lets himself be overwhelmed by his lewd ways and does not lift a finger ending up with a broken heart.


Those who know people born under this sign will find it hard to think that they are in this ranking. Indeed Aries is ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a fire sign. A mix that makes it the most instinctive, impulsive and undisciplined sign of the horoscope. Mars is the fuse, while Pluto is the explosion. In love, this sign becomes a great romantic. Thoughtful and passionate, he falls in love very quickly and just as quickly realizes that this love does not live up to his expectations of him. Although most of the time his heart suffers to end the relationship.


The Pisces native is a very sensitive sign that feeds on dreams and emotions. This water sign is the Red Cross nurse of the zodiac. In love it is among the most naive signs. Even when the partner takes advantage of him and his goodness, this sign has a hard time noticing. Pisces has usually been a long time but is not reciprocated, an imbalance that can put an end to their relationships by making them feel the weight of failure. In general, Pisces is too lazy to get busy and change things that aren’t right, whatever happens he doesn’t resist.

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