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Are you curious to know which stone is for your zodiac sign? Let’s find out immediately which one you have to rely on to have luck in life!

We know, we know: it’s probably not the first time you’ve read a horoscope ranking that talks about the stones associated with your sign.
Surely you already know the perfect stone for you and perhaps you have even tried to buy it, to always have it close in time of need.

We must be honest: it is useless to buy a ” generic ” stone, without knowing how to channel its energies into your life! That’s why, today, we thought we’d talk to you about luck. We could all need it more in life, right? So here is the perfect stone for you!

The lucky stone for your zodiac sign: here’s what it is, sign by sign

Are you ready to find out which is the stone that will ensure you luck and good wishes based on your zodiac sign?
Today we have decided to give you some little tips about the world of stones and crystals.

This is not a simple list of stones that you can find everywhere. No, no: here we explain which is the stone for your zodiac sign that will bring you luck and, in addition, we will also tell you why.
So, are you ready to discover yours?

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Aries: rock crystal

Also called hyaline quartz, rock crystal is just perfect for Aries. His name would mean ” clear ice ” and that’s exactly what you need, dear Aries.

We know very well that everyone tells you that your stones are the ruby ​​or anything that is as red and fiery as you are.
Fortunately, however, we advise you to turn to a pure and powerful crystal: it will do wonders!

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Taurus: sapphire

Symbol of understandingloyalty, and trust (all of which, if you want to be honest dear Taurus, you are in dire need), sapphire is the perfect stone for this zodiac sign!
Sapphire can increase your determination and your desire for will. (Other areas where Taurus is a little scarce).

Try it and you will see that your luck will start to overwhelm you, copiously too!

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Gemini: rose quartz

Yes, dear Gemini, you need rose quartz to rebalance your life and promote good luck!
Rose quartz is that stone that deals with managing all the feelings that pass from the heart.

For you, who were born under the sign of Geminirose quartz is essential to start opening yourself to others, learning generosity. Along with this, trust us, luck will come too!

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Cancer: The stone for your zodiac sign is labradorite

Dear Cancer, have you ever seen labradorite? No, it only comes from Labrador Island and is not dog-shaped! We all know that your favorite stone is that of the moon crystal but listen to us: labradorite is the perfect stone to attract your luck!

This stone helps calm anxieties and panic (and you have plenty of them, don’t you dear Cancer ?) While stimulating creativity and imagination in the meantime.
Luck, thanks to this stone, will finally lead you to work in contact with your art!

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Leo: tiger eye

It seems a bit of a contradiction that the stone for the zodiac sign of Leo is the eye of the tiger, doesn’t it?
Dear Leo, know that this stone promotes the exchange of energy, calming the agitated.

If you’re still unsure whether it’s the perfect stone for you, try wearing it during one of your tantrums. You will see how you will be calmer and, therefore, even more fortunate!

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Virgo: lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli helps Virgo become clearer in their intentions, less prone to anger and strong emotions. For this, dear Virgolapis lazuli is the perfect stone for you!

Use it to balance your ideas, your intentions, and your future: we know you think you don’t need luck but this stone will take you high, to peaks you can’t imagine!

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Libra: tourmaline

Tourmaline can bring into your spirit, dear Libra, the calm that you often miss.
Your exaggerated attitude many times embarrass you or cause you problems.

Thanks to this stone you will be able to be more settled and, finally, to get the better of your relationship problems. If you don’t call this luck!

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Scorpio: The stone for your zodiac sign is obsidian

Dear Scorpios, you know very well that you need a stone to dissolve the blocks of negativity that can build up in your body.
Obsidian does just that: by releasing blocked energy gates, therefore, there is also the possibility of luck flowing towards you.

Yes, yes: you don’t care about luck, do you? Dear Scorpio, try this stone first and then evaluate the difference!

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Sagittarius: topaz

Topaz is a highly regenerative stone and, therefore, is perfect for Sagittarius.
Try it, to be able to “cure” everything in your body that you let go a little.

Sagittarius is a sign that they don’t care as much because they don’t think about well-being to the end! Topaz will lead you to be extremely strong and lucky from this point of view!

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Capricorn: malachite

Malachite is a stone that absorbs pain and which, precisely, for this reason, can help those born under the sign of Capricorn to attract luck.
Capricorn can easily give in to a depression that it does not express but that consumes it from within.


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Aquarius: aquamarine

The quintessential stone capable of promoting introspection and balance, aquamarine is perfect for Aquarius.
Dear Aquarius, use it now! It will bring you luck in a hundred different ways, as well as help you have more balanced relationships.

Using it means saying goodbye to confusion: shouldn’t you try it?

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Pisces: The stone for your zodiac sign is turquoise

Known to be the stone that accelerates healing, turquoise is the perfect stone for those born under the sign of Pisces.
Instead of being “aside”, always lost in your world, turquoise will make you come out of your shell!

Try it, dear Pisces, and think of nothing else but to attract positive energy: luck will come with you.

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