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The Smartest Zodiac Signs And The Type Of Intelligence Associated With Each Sign

Did you know that each zodiac sign has a certain type of intelligence?

What are the smartest zodiac signs? Smart people are born with all signs, but on the intellectual side, six signs take the biggest prize. The sign in the first place does not surprise me – it is about a creative sign, which wants to revolutionize the world with its ideas. However, this does not mean that he possesses all types of intelligence. Here’s how astrologers analyzed the intelligence of the signs, according to MindBodyGreen:


In the first place could not be anyone else but Aquarius. The most eccentric and rarest zodiac sign could also be the smartest!

As astrology expert and author of the book¬†Astrology SOS, Imani Quinn, tells MindBodyGreen that the Aquarius sign is intellectual but innovative, so it is always a few steps ahead. “He sees the world differently and his goal is to innovate,” she explains.

Additionally, holistic astrologer Kayse Budd says that Aquarians thrive when they can apply that uniqueness to their lives; think, for example, of scientists, astronomers, engineers, and, in some cases, even eccentric politicians.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow and listen more carefully to the Aquarians in your life – they are almost always one step ahead, and, being a fixed sign, there is no way to contradict them.


The next sign on the list is Virgo, known for its attention to detail, impeccable organization, and devotion to its high standards. With unparalleled mental energy, Virgo is among the smartest signs of the zodiac, says Quinn.

In addition, notes astrologer Molly Pennington, Virgo’s attention to detail is decisive for her entire personality. “This is a kind of Virgo modus operandi, it’s the way they work,” she explains.

Think of Virgo as an information catalog or human encyclopedia, constantly gathering data, but looking at it with a critical eye. And for that, he has to thank his governor, the planet Mercury.

Virgos are great project managers, with an innate ability to improve existing systems and a great power of adaptation.

“Unlike fixed signs, Virgos can adapt and adapt to given situations, so they can compromise when needed,” explains Pennington.


Along with Virgo, the other zodiac sign ruled by Mercury is Gemini. Mercury is, after all, the planet of information, communication, and technology, so Gemini has earned its place on this list.

If Virgo is an encyclopedia the, at gathers knowledge to improve in which it operates, Gemini gathers knowledge to disseminate it, spreading this valuable knowledge all over the world.

As intuitive astrologer, Lumi Pelinku tells MindBodyGreen, Gemini is a sign driven by intelligence and wants to take in the world from all points of view. In addition, they are open and versatile enough to make this the purpose of their existence.

They give priority to intellectual stimulation and have an enviable mental energy. They can also be very quick-witted and funny, quickly coming back with clever retorts that surprise those around them. That is why it is advisable to avoid an argument with a Gemini.


We can’t help but put Sagittarius on the list of the most intelligent signs. These free-spirited people often have a reputation for being adventurous and reckless, but they are also associated with higher learning and philosophy.

As Quinn mentions, Sagittarius rules the ninth house, which governs extensive knowledge and wisdom. So, although they are less intellectually intense signs (compared to Virgo or Gemini), Sagittarians are strong teachers, and the mastery of certain subjects or fields is very important to them.

This quality is also related to their ruling planet, Jupiter, the expansive and benevolent force of the cosmos. Jupiter likes to see the big picture, always looking for wisdom, intuition, cosmic law, and order. It is a planet with a view as sharp as that of a bird of prey, and Sagittarius inherits this,s trait.


Scorpio is the only water sign on the list. While air signs are usually associated with mental and intellectual energy, water signs are associated with emotions, and Scorpio stands out as the “detective” of the zodiac.

Some say he doesn’t trust anyone or it’s simply about an incredible ability to dig deep; the idea is that a Scorpio will not give up until he finds out the truth.

It is a sign ruled by Pluto (the planet of transformation and rebirth), which is precisely why Scorpios go deep to find out all the information. They are excellent researchers and analysts, but they are also very creative, which allows them to discover things that everyone else has missed.

Scorpio rules the eighth house of mystery, so he has a passion for deciphering the people around him.


Capricorn is also on the list of the most intelligent zodiac signs. Although it may not be as quick as a Gemini or as innovative as an Aquarius, it is a sign that can handle itself regardless of the situation. Thanks to its ruling planet Saturn, which is associated with structure and discipline, Capricorn will do anything to succeed, which means they’re willing to learn a lot along the way.

Capricorn is also associated with wisdom and few people know that they have a spiritual intuition, despite their serious demeanor. If you’ve ever met a Capricorn, you won’t be surprised that he’s seen as a “business expert and leader who guides his team to success.”

How about the other signs?

If you did not find yourself on the list above, there is no need to feel hurt. There are many types of intelligence and just because you don’t fit a certain pattern doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent.

The signs listed above tend to have strengths that align with what we consider “general” intelligence or intellectualism, but there are also emotional intelligence, spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, and more.

For example, just because Aquarius is considered “the smartest” doesn’t mean they have emotional intelligence.

That being said, here are how the other signs exercise their intelligence:

Libra: relational/emotional intelligence, justice, and fairness

Taurus: Finances, aesthetics, and design

Aries: Street smarts and athletic smarts

Leo: Creativity, innovation, and social intelligence

Cancer: Emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and observational spirit

Pisces: Psychic abilities, intuition, and spirituality

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