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The Second Half Of May Brings Liberation For 4 Signs

Mercury retrograde was a difficult time for communication, technology, and planning. During retrograde (period April 21 – May 15, 2023), Mercury brought a feeling of chaos and discomfort to many people. However, once Mercury resumes its direct course, things can begin to return to normal and stabilize.

On May 15, 2023, Mercury finally ends its retrograde movement! From this time until August 23, the planet will go in a direct direction. This means that many of our problems will end. We will find solutions for things that seemed extremely complicated until now. We will communicate more easily and avoid conflicts.

If you felt that, in the last month, you simply could not get along with your life partner, we have good news! From now on, your visions will align again and you will manage to be on the same wavelength. It’s time to solve any problem you had in your relationship.

Let’s see what will happen in the life of each zodiac sign in the second part of May 2023.


After Mercury comes out of retrograde, Aries can feel that new opportunities are opening up for them in life. It may be the right moment to start implementing your plans and to act in the desired direction, especially on a professional level. The second half of May brings you the chance of a promotion or success at work. On a personal level, you should communicate more.


Mercury retrograde was a difficult period in terms of finances and career. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will feel relief and you can find better solutions for financial problems. It is important to pay attention to details and to put your priorities in order.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so the retrograde of this planet can be more difficult for these natives. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will feel positive energy. This will take the form of clarity in thinking. You will simply see things with different eyes. If you had some conflicts with your life partner recently, now is the time to resume discussions and better analyze what you said in those moments. The end of May brings reconciliation for you.


Mercury retrograde can often affect Cancer relationships, creating tension and misunderstandings in communication. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will manage to get along better with those around you. Especially the love relationship is targeted now. Harmony will return and you will understand each other by looking at each other. This is the right time to clarify any unresolved issues. The second half of May brings very good news on a personal level.


Mercury retrograde can affect career and plans. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will feel greater clarity and greater confidence in the direction you need to go to achieve your goals. Very good news related to money may appear in the next period.


Virgos are often considered to be the most affected by Mercury retrograde, as it is the ruler of their sign. So, the second part of May comes with great joy for you! You will feel that a stone is removed from your soul and you can relax. There follows a period in which everything turns out as you propose, from the most mundane daily tasks to important projects at work.


It is possible that in the last month, you did not manage to express exactly what you felt. That’s why the second half of May 2023 comes as a breath of fresh air. Finally, the communication sector is improved and you get along better with those around you. Take advantage of this opportunity to have important discussions with your partner, about expectations and the future. You will see that this will unite you, and your relationship will be more harmonious than ever.


The next weeks of May bring good news in terms of travel, but also of plans. There may be good news about a special vacation that you have been dreaming about for a long time. Also, professional opportunities appear for which you have worked very hard. You feel that you will be able to develop as you have always wanted, evolving on all levels of your life.


For Sagittarians, the retrograde of Mercury might have affected relationships with friends and social groups. You felt as if you had something in your mouth and could not express yourself freely, as you like. It is the right time to focus on developing relationships and building new connections with people who share your values ​​and interests. Also, the month of May brings opportunities for travel and adventure.


Has your career stagnated lately? It’s partly the fault of Mercury retrograde, which kept you in place. From May 15, it’s time to rev up your engines and be brave in terms of your professional plan. Stop waiting for things to happen, but act to get what you want. In your love relationship, good news comes in terms of communication, because you will spend more time with your loved one.


For Aquarius, Mercury’s retrograde affected communication with authorities or older people. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will feel relief and a greater understanding of the relations with these people. Relationships become more harmonious and you will feel calmer in the next period.


Mercury retrograde may have affected the travels and studies of Pisces. After Mercury resumes its direct course, you will feel greater clarity and understanding regarding learning and exploration activities. In the coming weeks, it would be the right time to focus on personal development and explore new learning opportunities.

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