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In the Final Days of June, There Are 4 Signs That Your Heart Will Break. They Separate Till June 1

The last days of June bring quite sad news for 4 zodiac signs, who will have big problems in love.

The spring air brings change, and for these natives, it might be just the push they needed to break a relationship that no longer works.

Now that Pluto has moved into Aquarius, starting a new 20-year cycle, and Mars has ended its seven-month stay in Gemini, along with the powerful portal associated with the New Moon in Aries, it’s a moment of clarity for everyone. In the following days, important changes are coming in the lives of those who are ready to receive them.

4 signs will have a broken heart


This week you are dealing with a lot of conflicting energies. You no longer tolerate anything that you feel drains your energy and positivity and even affects your health. This week, Saturn in Pisces also makes a trine with Mars in Cancer, which creates a desire to go all the way to get what you want for yourself and your life.

You’re entering a period focused on your healing thanks to Pluto in Aquarius, which means staying in those unbalanced and unhealthy relationships is no longer an option.


Among the 4 signs that will have a broken heart is your sign. This week, not only are you settling into the new energy of Pluto, which has moved out of your sign for the first time, but the first quarter Moon is also in Cancer. At this time, all those who are Capricorns may go through a dramatic ending or transition in their relationship.

This is because Pluto in your sign has been working to dismantle beliefs that no longer resonate or never really resonated, and when this happens, often, your romantic relationship inevitably changes.


Mars, the planet of action, ambition, and change, recently ended its seven-month stay in your sign and first house as it moved into Cancer. Cancer rules your second house of value, which, when it comes to love, help you see who is beneficial to your life and who is not. In these last days of June, you should finally feel free to decide what you want for yourself and be optimistic about your future.

Be patient, and things will work out in the best way for you, even if you are now heartbroken.


Pluto in Aquarius will change the direction of the friendship and social sector, which is your eleventh house, which means that this will be the area of ​​your life in which you must invest and bring about changes. But as part of a bigger story, Jupiter in your zodiac sign and first house helps you expand and trust your inner self to make the changes you seek.

As you begin to regain your power and learn more about who you are, you will see things from a unique perspective. Then you will be able to find a relationship that is really in line with you.

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