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Find out which ice cream is best suited to your zodiac sign. A tip from the stars for you.

Spring has now arrived and for most of us, the desire for good ice cream has been rekindled. However, the variety of flavors is so great that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one. For this reason, today we will sift through 12 flavors to choose from based on the zodiac sign.

The right ice cream flavor for you based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Orange ice cream
A sunny, fresh taste that will surely be to your liking? The orange one. Whether it’s a simple popsicle or a more full-bodied ice cream, it makes no difference. For you, ice cream means summer, and what’s better than one that even brings its colors?

Taurus – Chocolate ice cream
For you, the perfect ice cream is always the chocolate one. A taste that you will never get tired of and that you will certainly appreciate more if accompanied by many crunchy hazelnuts to munch on. A taste that you will love to savor at any time and that will always smile at you.

Gemini – Stracciatella ice cream
If indecision and the need to vary are what characterize you most, stracciatella ice cream is the solution to your problems. Fior di latte and chocolate that mix together represent an encounter between opposites. Which you can only appreciate and enjoy until the very end.

Cancer – Strawberry ice cream
Romantic as you are, all-pink ice cream is the perfect choice for you. And what’s better than a strawberry one? This way you can enjoy something sweet and keep yourself light at the same time. And when do you really want to overdo it? Combining it with cream will be the top.

Leo – Peach ice cream
If you’re craving ice cream, try a fruit one. Even better if you opt for the fishing one. It is in fact a fresh taste that you cannot fail to appreciate. Especially when combined with other fresh flavors and able to make you feel already on vacation.

Virgo – Cream ice cream
A good cream ice cream is the simplest and most delicious thing there is. A taste that will not tire you easily and that you will like to savor at different times of the day. Even better when paired with a good biscuit. Which will make the taste experience even more enjoyable.

Libra – The English soup ice cream
A fresh, welcoming, and elegant flavor? Sponge cake and custard. For sure you will like to enjoy it to the fullest both from a nice cup and from the classic cone. What matters is to immerse yourself in its enveloping taste and always be ready to satisfy your desire for good. A taste you will always love.

Scorpio – Pistachio ice cream
Let’s face it, dried fruit in the form of ice cream is what it best represents thanks to the full and full-bodied taste it can offer you. Among the many flavors, the most suitable for you is the pistachio one. Even better if you occasionally consider trying it together with hazelnut. A true taste experience that you will love to try again and again.

Sagittarius – Vanilla ice cream
When it comes to ice cream you need the sweetness. And among the many flavors, one that will always be able to offer you is the vanilla flavor. A way to enjoy ice cream feeling light but savoring at the same time a full and lively taste. Exactly something that goes well with your needs.

Capricorn – Banana ice cream
If you want good ice cream, the banana one is colorful and greedy at the right point to immediately give you a good mood. A variant that you will love to enjoy both alone and paired with cream. And all for a moment of pure relaxation that you will love to give yourself.

Aquarius – Coffee ice cream
If you want refreshing ice cream, coffee ice cream is certainly the best choice. Good on its own or with cream, it will be a way to break the routine and give yourself something sweet that you will love to enjoy at any time of the day.

Pisces – Fior di latte ice cream with fruit
When it comes to ice cream you love to have a real taste experience. And what’s better than a cup with a fior di latte flavor and lots of fruit? Even better if you sprinkle everything with chopped pistachios. Because even simple ice cream can become something special for you.

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