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Find out which drink is best suited to your zodiac sign.

It often happens, when he finds us in good company, to go out for a drink. In these situations, people usually always take the same cocktail or choose a new one each time, in order to savor different flavors.
Regardless of which category you belong to, have you ever wondered if there is the right drink for you? Today, we will dedicate ourselves to this aspect, trying to discover together which type of alcohol is most suitable for each sign. The one that has the mix of flavors that best match the personality of each of us. Ready for this mini alcoholic tour? Let’s go!

A cocktail for every zodiac sign

Aries – The dry martini
A good cocktail is what you need after a very difficult day. For you who love to get noticed in an unusual way, the dry martini is the ideal choice, possibly accompanied by some olives. This combination makes you feel more sophisticated while relieving you of the accumulated stress. A way like any other to fully regain your strength, adding a touch of elegance and a touch of joy.

Toro – A whiskey with an ice
You like to stay traditional and if you have to drink it then you might as well do it by following the rules and ordering the most classic of all classics. An alcoholic strong enough to be drunk with the right calm, without exaggerating and allowing you to enjoy every moment of the evening. Because if drinking is pleasant, it is even more so to remain alert and present so as not to miss anything of what you are experiencing.

Gemini – The Mojito
Needless to go around it, for you there is no perfect cocktail. The ideal is to change from time to time so as not to give in to the boredom that sets you apart. In the meantime, however, if you really want to have a point of reference, you could opt for a mojito, fresh and cheerful, able to bring a bit of a good mood, even in its alcoholic monotony that is always the same.

Cancer – A chocolate cocktail
There are several variations around which you can choose from. What matters is that your cocktail is sweet and able to make you feel at home even while you are sipping your drink in the company of friends. And what is better than the good aroma of chocolate to immerse yourself in childhood memories while living the moment to the full?

Leo – Champagne
Why not celebrate one of your many victories with a champagne? After all, most of the time, when you’re drinking it’s to celebrate something, right? And you who are a born leader know how to spoil yourself and how to make others perceive your importance. Even when it comes to simply going for a drink with friends.

Virgo – A good glass of wine
You certainly prefer the fragrance of wine to a good cocktail, to alternate with a bitter in case you find yourself at the end of the meal. As always rational, you are in fact more oriented to the substance than to the rest and the wine, for you, remains the best alcoholic, light, fruity and perfectly manageable even after a few glasses. As long as you don’t overdo it, of course.

Libra – The Cosmopolitan
Which cocktail can best represent the idea of ​​beauty and elegance you have always aspired to? Its smooth flavor, well mixed with the fruity aroma of blueberries and lime, is practically perfect for you who in any circumstance aim to always be in perfect order and exude elegance. Things that, among other things, you do perfectly well, with or without alcohol.

Scorpio – Strawberry Caipirosca
Although it is difficult to find an alcoholic able to marry your way of being, Caipirosca is well suited to your need to combine beauty with good. She looks beautiful, she flows smoothly leaving a really pleasant sense of sweetness. In addition, her gradation is light enough to allow you to remain perfectly shiny, an aspect that for you who never want to unbutton too much, is practically essential.

Sagittarius – La pina colada
Its exotic taste will make you feel always on vacation, even when you are in a bar in your city having a drink with your old friends. A good cocktail without too many pretensions but able to give you that sense of lightness that you sometimes need and that helps you feel more relaxed and load up for your next trip, possibly to an exotic destination.

Capricorn – A Fruity Alcohol
It doesn’t matter which you choose as long as your alcohol has a fruity aroma, able to make you feel light and not get too mad. A fruit vodka might be a good choice but something more challenging might also prove to be akin to your strings. What matters is not to overdo it because losing control would ruin your evening. Therefore, remember that spirits with fruity, albeit light, aromas can be stronger than you think.

Aquarius – The Blue Angel
A cocktail that is always on trend and that seems to highlight your whimsical being is the blue angel. Among the many that could be combined with you, this is in fact the most compatible and able to make you feel at your best, both for the particular flavor and for the colorful appearance that goes well with your way of being, always cheerful and extravagant , just like the blue that has always given you a pleasant sense of freedom.

Pisces – A beer
To have fun in company, the thing you like most is undoubtedly an ice-cold beer, perhaps to accompany some appetizers. Alternatively, if it really does not exist or for the times when you need to change, a tequila boom boom can be for you, leading you to transform even the simple act of drinking into a convivial moment to live with the people you care about. and which you like to surround yourself with.

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