You would never hurt someone you intentionally love. Is not it ?

And yet you forget that things have to go both ways. Someone who loves you deeply would never make you suffer to the point of making you go through hell.

Someone who loves you deeply would never push you to make superhuman efforts to make your relationship work. It would not cause you to doubt yourself or feel worthless.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly bumping into a brick wall, because you’re giving everything you have and getting almost nothing in return.

Love shouldn’t make you suffer. It shouldn’t make you cry.

Love should not be difficult. It shouldn’t – in any case, not if you’re with the right person.

When you’re with the right person, you also have your share of problems, it’s true. It is not all blue sky and rainbows.

But his words are never meant to hurt you. He doesn’t demean you and insult you. He does not play and he does not act as if the problems between you do not concern him.

He faces things immediately and with you. He doesn’t let you go to bed angry. He discusses the problems until a solution is found. He can’t bear to see you upset, especially if you’re angry about him.

He’s not perfect, and neither are you. You will both make mistakes, it’s normal and natural.

You will not always understand each other, but what will be different with the right person is that you will find solutions. You will forgive yourself. You will understand yourself and find compromises.

You will make things work, because your love is stronger than all the obstacles that will stand in your way.

When you are with the right person, you feel like you are living a paradise on earth.

It amplifies your happiness. It always insures your rear. She is there for you. It shows you that love should flow freely.

She will show you that loving yourself is simple, because you are meant for her and that she would not want to change anything about you.

Love will flow freely, without your having to make superhuman efforts. He will write to you or call you, because if he has not heard from you for a while, he will feel that he is missing something.

He will find time – even if he does not have time – because he is attracted to you. He wants your closeness.

He wants your hugs, your kisses, your tenderness. He wants to watch you when you speak and fall asleep huddled against you on the couch.

He will have within him this burning need to make you happy and he will do everything he can to this end, without thinking, just so that a smile appears on your face.

When you are loved by the right person, you are inspired and you finally realize that you can accomplish anything you want.

When you are loved as you should be, you become the best version of yourself and nothing stops you.

We finally understand that love is neither a source of worry nor a source of stress because we live with someone who treats us properly.

Love has no sleepless nights, no unanswered messages, no fear of being betrayed.

Love is feeling safe in the arms of the good. Love is to be happier than sad. Love is being able to breathe without difficulty because there is no room for drama or emotional chaos.

The right person will show you that love is delicious and that it’s easy to be happy when you’re with her.

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