If He Does Any Of These 8 Things, You Know You Can Trust Him With Your Heart

1. He gives you his time

Time is the most underrated form of love, so when he gives you his time, you know you can trust him with your heart. Unlike any other tangible things, time is the most fragile yet significant thing you can give someone. Time doesn’t just mean being with you, but this means his focus and attention are on you whenever you’re together. Just ask anyone whose love language is quality time.

2. He matches his actions with his words

The scary thing about saying all the right things to captivate your heart is that words are the easiest thing to say. In fact, words take the least effort, especially when you have a way with them. If he backs his words with his actions, it’s safe to trust him.

3. He doesn’t invalidate your feelings

There are certain boys that can’t be trusted for the reason that they don’t know how to handle vulnerability. When he accepts your emotions for the way they are, this is a sign of being trustworthy. You don’t always need to have it together, and having a partner who knows this is everything.

4. He treats you with respect

You’d think that respect comes naturally. After all, respect is what leads to trust, but this isn’t a given in dating and relationships. You’ll know if he respects you by the way he treats you, whether it’s in the things he says, the way he shows love, and his actions toward you and his family.

5. He doesn’t judge your past

We all have a certain amount of trauma and pain in our past—that’s a fact. If he doesn’t judge you based on your wrong decisions, you’ll know you not only have a partner but a friend in them. You can never change the past, no matter what. If he’s trustworthy, he knows that the only thing that matters is the present and a possible future with you.

6. He’s patient and kind

Love is patient and kind, they say. Before you give someone your heart, see how they are when they’re frustrated or angry. Observe them when they don’t get what they want. In an argument, are they understanding and patient with you? Or do they attack you with words based on what they know will hurt you the most?

7. He invests in you

Investment doesn’t mean material things and gifts. Rather, the best kind of investment is a mental and emotional one. You can tell he is invested in you by the way he get scared by how guarded you are or the way the thought of losing you breaks his heart.

8. He doesn’t bother with mind games

Mind games are useless when you’re looking for a partner that will potentially lead to marriage. If you can trust him with your heart, he knows that he has no time to play games. He’s serious about you, and he knows that mind games will just push you further away from him. When it comes down to it, the only game he wants to win is the game of life and love.

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