Zodiac Signs

The One-Sentence Reality Check Each Zodiac Needs To Hear Before The End Of December 2023


You’re smart, but you’re not that smart.


You already know what you’re doing wrong–and that includes digging your heels in and not changing anything.


Just because you think what you did was funny, that doesn’t mean everyone else is going to laugh.


Everyone will keep stepping all over your boundaries if you never even let them know you have them.


Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the only one who cares about that thing that you did.


If you’re waiting for the people in your life to start appreciating you–especially without you asking–you might be waiting forever.


You could probably just send that text without obsessing over every letter, punctuation mark, and emoji.


You might actually open up to people if there wasn’t a part of you that liked being seen as a mystery.


People in your life see your adventures as you running away from something you don’t want to face–and they might be right.


The more you try to control your friends’ lives, the less likely you’ll have friends in the future.


If you want people to know you have feelings and emotions, you have to actually share them.


There’s a fine line between sharing fun gossip and being a shit-starter–be careful where you end up.

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