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Horoscope for the Week of January 30 – February 5

We are in full Aquarius season, and this week the specific influences of this sign will be felt most strongly.

It seems that everything is a strange experiment and the results can pleasantly surprise us all. The best ideas often come unprepared, when we have spectacular moments of inspiration.

Discover the horoscope for the week of January 30 – February 5 for your zodiac sign:


You spend most of the week in constant agitation: you are putting together the last details for an event that you have been preparing since December. Try to leave aside the worries about friends who might announce at the last moment that they will be absent from the celebration. You always make time for the important people in your life and it’s time for them to do the same.


You thought it was no problem if you missed some group meetings with friends. But if you thought it was okay for you to do this, then you face a state of anxiety and fear that you missed important opportunities. The truth is that you need time just for yourself and the savings you make when you give up some outings with friends.


It’s nice to have a crush on someone, but lately, you’ve felt like you’re doing nothing but wondering if that person feels the same way about you. Fortunately, this week there is news that will distract you and get you out of your routine. Schedule a meeting with a friend or choose an activity you’ve been dreaming of trying for a long time.


It’s one of the busiest weeks you’ve had lately. You have both interesting projects at work, as well as some major events to celebrate with friends. But with all these activities there is also the risk of exhausting yourself. Try to carefully analyze which activity is worth your time and energy, before accepting anything that is proposed to you.


You were emotional about introducing your new partner to your group of friends. But on February 3, some unexpected events will lead to your surprising debut in society. Instead of trying to control everyone’s perception of the two of you as a couple, simply move forward. Take in the compliments you receive, such as that you make a very successful couple, and move on.


Travel or education plans that were diverted in December due to health problems come back into focus this week. The problem is that you feel too busy to fully dedicate yourself. You have deadlines and obligations, but how often do you get a second chance for such an opportunity? Choose to live the adventure!


This year already seems to be fast-paced, full of events and responsibilities, that’s why it was a real blessing to be able to focus on your health and well-being in the last week. It may seem hard to believe, but the routine and the limits you impose leave you more room for your soul’s plans. Continue to solve everyday obligations to get even closer to your big dreams.


It’s the week when you finally allow yourself to rest. At work, not everything is perfect, but at least you have stability. Things could be better in your romantic life, but somehow you are satisfied with what is currently. Before making significant changes toward the life you dream of, set aside time for rest.


Although this week seems to be a quiet one for you, you feel that everyone around you is going through a moment of revelation or a personal crisis. One side of you is glad that you are not in their place, but the other side feels the need to intervene and take direct action. You should enjoy the peace as much as you can.


Although this week you have many plans to help you get back to the life you want, they are all overturned by the fact that you develop a passion for an interesting person or discover a new creative project. Instead of judging yourself for letting yourself get distracted from achieving your goals, why not let yourself be carried away? You will only know how things end if you let them begin.


What you thought would be an anniversary with family and closest friends turns into a party of great proportions on February 3. Your funniest friends make their appearance and turn your living room into a dance floor. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere and get rid of your worries at least for a while.


The confidence you felt last week turns this week into a real existential crisis and you end up wondering if you deserve to be so happy. Fortunately, a close friend will be by your side and convince you that you deserve the best. It’s time to give up all those harmful beliefs that prevent you from evolving and enjoying life.

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