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The Most Trashy Men Of The Zodiac

Who are the trashiest masculine signs of all? Those who care little about self-care? Well, we have decided to collect them, one after another, in today’s list. Since we are sure that you will be able to have a greater perception of the theme, thanks to our words.

But let’s go in order and immediately begin the review of the day. Here is the first on the list.


In truth, rather than scruffy, the bull loves to wear a fake scruffy style, a style that gives a good perception of himself to the rest of the people he hangs out with. It is a particular fashion that he puts into practice every day and which in some cases also manages to win over the hearts of his friends. We are sure that if you know him, you will agree with what we have just said.


Another exceptional sign, from the point of view of sloppiness, so to speak. In some moments it is exaggerated, he would even be able to go out with a stain of gravy on a shirt. But the scorpion has never paid much attention to aesthetics, and if you like, it is particular and you love it for this too.


He is always with his head in dreams and always thinks about his things, which is why he doesn’t like dealing with the style that distinguishes him day after day. We’re talking about a sign that knows very well what it means to dress elegantly, but he also knows how to have unlimited sloppiness, especially in everyday life. Well, it’s his mood, his way of taking life, of understanding things. There’s little you can do, this sign will never change.

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