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The Most Touchy-feely Zodiac Signs Of All

Ok, today being touchy is not exactly the best. Our society welcomes the joke and the joke, especially when you are in contexts of strong intimacy but not only. This is why the signs that appear to be touchy are somewhat penalized and are unable to bring out their character in a disruptive way, which is always clouded by a series of factors that are certainly not good for them.

We have decided to tell you about them, about the most touchy signs of the whole zodiac and we hope to make you more than welcome with our words. On the other hand, if you take them the right way, things can work out great with them too. But let’s start right away with the first one on the list for the day.


Well, some suspected it might just be the first on our list. Leo loves to have everyone’s attention, but what he hates is being in the spotlight for something negative. Let’s say that it is a personality that tends to take itself a little too seriously, however, a little healthy irony never hurts. But never.


It is a very square sign and does not accept half measures. At the same time, she really can’t stand jokes, whether they are in good or bad taste. Some say Virgos just don’t have a sense of humor. We cannot say that she is exactly like that, she certainly has a way of joking that is very different from the others, and she does not like to be the laughingstock of the group.


And we close with the Capricorn, a sign that loves to be recognized for having a punctual and solid personality. There are days when he gets offended at the slightest joke, even one made by his best friend. Precisely because he does not want to see the strong identity that he has tried to build over time undermined.

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