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Let’s take a look at the ranking of the most energetic zodiac signs in the horoscope: maybe you will find someone to jog together!

The alarm goes off but you are already up . Eyes wide open, sheets thrown in the air in the urge to get out of bed. Breakfast? Of course yes, even if you first have to do yoga , go out for a run , take a shower and then get ready for a new day !

Meanwhile, your partner still sleeps with his head under the sheets and grunts  desperately when you urge him to get up.
You are already preparing lunch to take to work, fully dressed and delighted, when he gets up with his eyes still encrusted with sleep .
There is nothing to do: evidently you are an energetic person and he… well a little less!

The most energetic zodiac signs of the horoscope: let’s discover together today’s ranking

Protein shakes , jogging at all hours, no problem waking up or even staying up and active all night .
Tell us the truth: you are one of the five zodiac signs among the most energetic of the whole horoscope ! You can’t really sit still for moment and others struggle to keep up with you.

You’re one of those people who always have a smile on their face and are already in a good mood when they arrive at the office on Monday morning . (But how do you do it?). Today, we have decided to draw up the ranking of the five energetic zodiac signs and see if (besides you) there are other people who can’t wait to wake up at six in the morning .

Maybe, in this ranking, you will find some new and unexpected friends ! You can wake up early or do numerous activities before lunch without jeopardizing your relationship with parents, partners and friends.
How about: is it worth a look?

Sagittarius: fifth place

Although they are not exactly energetic from waking up at six in the morning, those born under the sign of Sagittarius know other ways to feed the fire they feel inside!
Always involved in some project , intent on doing something practical that can be seen or touched by others, those born under the sign of Sagittarius can be truly energetic !

Sagittarius are passionate about something with all their heart: they don’t need breaks or moments of calm . There is always something that excites him in life!
Here, then, that dealing with a Sagittarius also means becoming passionate with him about his interests: otherwise it is impossible to keep track of him !

Virgo: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo definitely despise laziness and are always active. Whether it’s taking care of yourself ( running in the morning, cooking healthy, doing yoga or sports after work), those born under the sign of Virgo will always be in the front row.

They love to get up early, have time to take care of everything but also of their work or homework.
They have great energy that they put into everything they do: for Virgo , everything must be perfect and, for this reason, everything must be done with great energy!

Libra: third place

Wake Up! Need to go! Those born under the sign of Libra conquer the first step of the podium of our ranking of the most energetic signs of the zodiac because they are extremely full of energy… when they want!

In the face of long periods of calm, in which those born under the sign of Libra recharge their batteries and take time for themselves Libra can be truly energetic . You always have to go somewhere, go out with friends, talk to someone, propose a project. They don’t have time to stop and reflect on things, you always have to  do . Libra , when it wants, is a sign that has energy to spare : from this point of view, they are truly enviable!

Leo: second place

Even those born under the sign of Leo have a lot of energy , so much that sometimes they don’t even know what to do with it!
The Lion , in fact, is one of those signs that must always have something to do , under penalty of the curse of transforming himself … into a lion in a cage !

If they cannot go to the gym or run, those born under the sign of Leo have to write or play an instrument, create a painting or a sculpture or redo all the furniture in the house .
They absolutely cannot stay still : according to others, is the weekend made for rest? Absolutely no!
You have to leave the house and go to explore new and unknown places .

Those born under the sign of Leo are people who truly have great energy , which must burn as soon as possible.
The fire they have inside does not go out easily and for this reason they try to keep themselves occupied as much as possible. Better give Leo something to do : you certainly don’t want him to get angry!

Aries: first place in the ranking of the most energetic zodiac signs

If you know an Aries then you already know what it means to be their friend, relative or partner. If you don’t know it, however, we will tell you : it means never having a moment of peace ! Aries
is one of those signs that has the brain always at a thousand : something has always happened or something is about to happen that occupies all their attention!

In addition to extricating themselves from numerous types of social relationships and always being around, those born under the sign of Aries love to put their energies into work and their hobbies . They are people who always have commitments and a dense agenda in which they often fail to include moments of pure relaxation. For Aries , staying still means wasting time ; losing time, at the same time, means losing precious hours of life!

So here is that Aries never really stops : for them there is no possibility of spending even a minute without something to do! To conquer him you need to be just as busy as he is: Aries looks with bewilderment at all people who love to relax!

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