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Tell us the truth: aren’t you one of the most dramatic zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? Let’s find out immediately if you are a real ” drama queen “!

It happens to everyone to go through some decidedly ” dramatic ” moments in life in which we are well aware of exaggerating what happens to us.
Yes, we decided to start this article in no uncertain terms: you too know that, at times, you made a scene probably for nothing!

Okay, you’re justified: we can all be a little dramatic in life, especially when we deserve it.
Our ranking of today’s horoscope, however, will give us the measure of who is a true drama queen and who, on the other hand, never gets caught up in theatricality.
Do you think you are in the top positions today?

The most dramatic signs of the zodiac: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Screams, arguments, slammed doors, and photos erased (or ripped in two, if you have them on paper).
No, we’re not talking about the highlight of any teen drama or TV series but about your being dramatic.

Yes, today we decided to ask the horoscope to explain to us which are the most dramatic signs of the zodiac, the ones that let themselves go… to the drama!
Maybe you know very well that you are among the top positions or maybe, instead, you will be amazed and faint, dramatically, from the surprise.

What do you say, is it worth revealing those really dramatic signs, which generally cause so many problems for nothing, and who always want to be the center of attention?
So this is the horoscope ranking for you: ready to play?

Aries: fifth place

For Aries, drama is almost as indispensable as daily bread. They like to immerse themselves in other people’s dramas, create new ones and always be up to date on everything that happens to others.

The Aries are people who breathe drama: it absolutely must have to have fun and not able really to pretend not we consider this.
Their phone is a real weapon of destruction of mass: those born under the sign of ‘ Aries have so many messages, chats, and photos with which trigger dramas that it is better to keep them quiet as possible!

Cancer: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Cancer occupy the fourth place in our ranking even if, you know it well, you deserve a place higher.
Cancer is quite capable of creating drama from nothing, which of course they have no fault!

That’s not all, of course! The cancer is the first to create quarrels and problems succeeding then, somehow, always playing the role of victim.
Their way of manipulating others is subtle but very dangerous: be careful together with Cancers, they can drag you into their dramas without problems but they will hardly help you navigate their waters!

Leo: third place

Is there anyone more dramatic than those born under the sign of Leo?
(While ours is a rhetorical question, the answer is yes: there are at least two other zodiac signs that can truly create drama out of thin air!).
While it does not deserve the crown of our ranking today, those born under the sign of Leo get their hands on a not bad third place.

The Lion is one of the signs that most of all do not care in the least to make everyone understand that he is the protagonist … of the life of others!
The Leone are generally people who have to have the sights set on him and all the attention of others. They pretend they don’t want it but, in reality, what they want is for others to follow them step by step, constantly trying to guess their emotions!

Gemini: second place

The Twins can breathe a sigh of relief: they are certainly not the most dramatic of the zodiac, since they are only the second place!
This does not mean, of course, that those born under the sign of Gemini cannot be dramatic, quite the contrary!

This is a sign capable of truly creating drama from practically nothing: we do not invite you to try it for yourself because Gemini is capable of truly ruining the lives of others!
Used to do as they want, to always have everything they want (while never knowing what they want) those born under the sign of Gemini are truly dramatic!

Impossible for them to let others not think about them. Dramas, traumas, ran to the hospital for diseases fake, disasters to no end, tears, and screams: the twins can go through the worst situations and then, the next day, hopping around happy. The reason? They just want attention and when they have it they are happy!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most dramatic zodiac signs

Dear Libra friends, don’t blame us for telling you the truth about your face (or at least through your cell phone screen).
You are the most dramatic zodiac sign in the whole horoscope and, let’s face it, you probably expected it.

You know very well that you are definitely over the top people.
If you laugh, laugh so hard it makes everyone feel it: friends who are with you, neighbors, neighborhood residents, and even your ex who lives in another country.
If you cry, you are great at sharing heartbreaking songs on Facebook, posting black and white photos on Instagram, being cleverly allusive, so that everyone understands that they have to think about you!

The balance, unfortunately, has done well. For those born under his sign, being Libra also means being necessarily under the eyes of all.
Any person must see Libra, wish to be Libra, or be worried about Libra – there are no half measures!

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