Find out who your ideal (real) man is based on your zodiac sign.

When we dream of great love, each of us has an idea of man in mind. For some, it is a set of physical characteristics that you want to find in your partner, for others it is more about the character or ways of doing. The truth is that what you dream of rarely matches the person you fall in love with.

This depends on several factors. First of all, love which, as we all know, is a feeling that is difficult to control and which has its own rules. Then other factors come into play and that makes you find yourself attracted to someone who is far from your ideal. For this reason, from time to time it can be useful to grasp the thing from other perspectives, able to show other aspects that we usually tend not to take into consideration but which may turn out to be the right ones.

Today, therefore, after having seen what is the dream to realize in June based on your zodiac sign and what time it is best to go to sleep based on your zodiac sign, we will find out which is the ideal man for every woman of the zodiac. That, that is, with which one is ready to fall in love. An aspect that concerning the feelings also involves the ascendant. This is why it is advisable to also consider this aspect to have a more complete view of the thing.

The truly ideal man based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The alpha man but not too much
Although you are always looking for men who can satisfy you and who make you feel pampered and pampered like a queen, your ideal man is very different from what you imagine. To be able to live a story that can last a long time and that therefore exceeds the period of simple infatuation, you need someone who can stand up to you and who is always interesting. Only in this way, you will be able to feel truly enthusiastic about the person you have at your side. Your ideal man is therefore the alpha man. But one that is not 100% so and that also knows how to offer you your own spaces in which to reserve pampering and attention as you wish.

At the same time, it will be a man who will also want his attention and will not mind asking for it. Maybe you will argue a lot but it will keep love alive, making you the most in love woman ever.

Taurus – The man who knows how to do it
For you who are a romantic but at the same time dynamic person, the true ideal man goes beyond existing aesthetic or character prototypes. What matters is that your can steal your heart and that he has ways of doing it that can surprise you every day, making you feel special too. We are talking about a man who knows what he wants and who knows how to manage himself, giving you the certainty of having a solid person you can rely on. At the same time, he is a romantic person and able to make you feel special every day of your life. As it is easy to guess, he is not an ordinary person, and to find him will certainly take some time. What is certain is that once you cross it, it will be easy to recognize it and it will be even easier to fall in love with it and understand that it is the man with whom to share your life.

Gemini – The funny man
Finding the right people to surround yourself with has always been one of the things you find most difficult. And it gets complicated when you find yourself confronted with love. Although you are a person who falls in love easily, you find it difficult to stay in love with the same person for a long time and this happens especially because you need constant and always different stimuli. Refractory to all that boredom, one of your biggest fears is that of binding yourself to someone who would end up becoming monotonous over time. An aspect that would make love a foregone conclusion and devoid of emotions. And, accustomed as you are to getting excited, you need someone who can avoid all this. Your ideal man is, therefore, a brilliant person, always able to have fun and, above all, to surprise you with so many new things to do. Someone to grow up with, who knows how to be friends with you but who is at the same time so original that he acts in ways that you cannot foresee, even knowing him better than anyone else.

Cancer – The empathic man
Although in your view of things, the right man for you is the one who can always make you feel like a princess, the truth is that you need first of all someone who knows how to understand you to the point of foreseeing your every thought. The difficulty with which you communicate your moods makes you a person with whom it is often difficult to deal. For this reason, the ideal man knows how to take care of you but who at the same time knows how to listen and understand you, grasping what you are in the depths. In this way you will have the certainty of not going into unnecessary misunderstandings and that you can be understood even with just a glance. One thing you need, especially when you are not at your best and feel down in the dumps and therefore more vulnerable.

Leo – The ambitious man who is no more ambitious than you
To feel attracted to a man you need him to have a complex personality able to fascinate and surprise you. Among the characteristics, you most admire there is certainly ambition, essential to make you consider a man as the right one. Knowing that your boyfriend has big plans for the future and that he is not the type to be satisfied is an almost fundamental aspect for you. However, it must be considered that you too are an ambitious person and that, unlike many others, you are not willing to put yourself aside for someone, not even for the one you love. For this reason, the right man for you is the one who, despite being ambitious, always knows how to have a look for you.

A look that can pull him back when he realizes it’s your time. Being his priority is something that is even more important in your heart than any possible ambition.

Virgo – The passionate man
Although you are usually focused on looking for a man who is poised and able to offer you some solidity for the future, what you need is passion. Your heart will therefore be ready to beat faster only in front of a passionate man, full of ideas and with a great desire to do. Someone able to give you the push to explore worlds that alone you would not even dream of approaching and who at the same time knows how to give you the right energy and the love you want within a relationship. It is a man to get to know in-depth, little by little. A man who once met will know how to make you change your mind about many things, offering you a perspective on life perhaps different from the one you had imagined but certainly more beautiful and full of positivity and pleasant moments to live together.

Libra – The self-confident man and romantic at the same time
If there is one thing that fascinates you in others it is the self-confidence they have in themselves. In your eyes, a confident person is also strong and resolute, able to live their life in the best possible way. An aspect that you consider important since for you feeling good every single moment is what matters most. Your ideal man must therefore be first of all sure of himself and of what he wants from life and, immediately after, romantic enough to make you feel important.

These two things together will make your heart pound so that you know this is the right person. The one with which to share your life and carry out important projects that can enrich both of you, both as individuals and as a couple.

Scorpio – The man with a magnetic charm and at the same time sensitive
For you who are a woman full of surprises and with a personality to be explored, the right man cannot be outdone. They need to be confident, passionate, empathetic, and want to make you feel special. Beyond beauty or various aspects of character, what matters most to you is that he is a person able to fascinate you both with manners and with words. Someone who knows how to surprise you every day and in whom you can be reflected. Someone who knows how to go beyond the surface and who can know you even more than yourself. With a man like this, all your doubts about life-long stories will vanish instantly. You will be so ready to fall in love and live a special relationship, always alive and able to convey emotions you have never felt before and therefore special.

Sagittarius – The funnyman but not too much
To be able to fall in love with someone and think about being together for a long time and maybe forever you need to laugh. Your ideal man must therefore know how to make the mood, be nice, easygoing, easy-going, and always able to transform every moment into something special. Too much joy, however, in the long run, would end up tiring you and for this reason, your ideal man must be able to recognize situations and also be able to show himself serious and resolute, ready to face and overcome any problems in life.

In this way, you will have at your side a playmate on whom you can rely in moments of greatest weakness. Someone who can make you feel alive and who you will always want to hear or see, even after years.

Capricorn – The man who knows how to show himself strong
As a determined woman you are, you need to have strong people by your side, sure of their ideals and with a series of projects ahead of them. If we talk about love, all this is also joined by the personality that to make a man the right one for you must be strong. In fact, to fall in love you need someone to be considered rich in resources and also able to face any challenge. Your desire for a safe life leads you to look for someone who can offer it to you and help you keep it that way. If you add a good dose of charm and the right attention to make you feel special, that’s it. It won’t take long for your heart to realize that this is the right person for you.

Aquarius – The imaginative man
In life, you are attracted to everything that you think is over the top. Approved or predictable people are not for you and when it comes to love your requests are even greater. Your ideal man must therefore be original and imaginative, able to make every day spent together special and fun. It is a man who can fascinate you without bullying you, who appreciates your whimsical way of being, and who knows how to add his own, leading to an unpredictable and crackling mix. When the union between you will give life to a couple able to love and support each other without ever putting the other in the shadows, then you will know that you have found the right person. And, although you have always been a person who lives better alone,

Pisces – The empathic and original man
For you, love is something important, and finding the right mate is therefore not an easy process. Your ambitions are certainly high and often akin to who your ideal man is. The latter must be original, full of desire to do, and at the same time ironic and empathetic. Someone who can handle every situation in a personal way but who always matches your expectations. And, of course, a person who can understand you like no one else in the world. Because it will be only with a harmony of hearts that you will understand that you have found the right man for you.

The one with which to share your life, with which to confide, and with which to share your world as special and in need of someone who knows how to see it and appreciate it for what it is.


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