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The Horoscope For July Concludes With Great Trines, According To The Element Of The Signs… They Bring Luck Or Bad Luck!

The Horoscope for July and Trines: if certain signs believe that the worst is over… they’re in trouble! And the lucky ones? Here’s what they need to know!

Let’s start right away by specifying that the July horoscope ends with a bang due to Trigones, but the beginning of August will be more serene. So even the most troubled hearts, minds, and spirits can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, to be ready for these sudden changes of “astral mood”, we give some warnings to better face the situation. With Trines we refer to Aspects of the Planets, i.e. specific placements. Which reflect “certain energies” concerning the surrounding world, in a specific way. Here’s what you need to know!

If you’re wondering why everything seems to be falling apart lately or why you’re having such a dead time, there’s no doubt that you’re at a standstill. The mental and spiritual block reflects on the emotional and physical one, and nothing seems to move it. Indeed if there is something that stirs are the bad news and the nerves! Don’t worry, because you’re not reaping the fruits of the worst you’ve sown, but simply sometimes the worst moments take over to be able to appreciate the best ones that trust me, they will come.

What is a Trine? Aspect of the Planets, i.e. positioning that places the Stars with their Energies at a 120° distance, between them and concerning a common point. Normally the Asters and the Signs in play share the same element, so they are in harmony. But as we well know, human reactions-relationships are unpredictable. The situation is also unstable because we are witnessing well… 3 Trigons! How do the Asters communicate with each other?

1st Trigon of Earth involves Mars in the sign of Virgo. Let’s review, the Astro embodies primordial combativeness. The feeling of strength, tenacity, courage, and sexual power, but also destruction and explosion. The sign, on the other hand, is a pure manifestation of concreteness, practicality, and thought functional to the achievement of the objective.

2nd Trine of Earth involves the Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Here too it must be clear what the brightest satellite in existence represents. Indeed, it is the most intimate sphere, the emotional and fragile one, which is difficult to show. While the sign is known for its coldness, it is a misconception. It is a sensitive individuality that manifests its emotionality with subtle gestures.

3rd Trines of Earth involve Saturn in the sign of Taurus. The planet of Rigor of logic goes straight when it meets the sign of Taurus which is famous for having such a coherent thought as to be “stubborn”. Fixed reasoning is fine when promises and ideals are kept, but in the face of life in the making, everything is complex.

Having said that, how do these Transits behave? We link them to each triad: fire, water, earth, and air, explaining how each one’s energies manifest themselves in the face of such a complex situation.

The Horoscope for July with its Trines holds pleasant and not pleasant surprises, it depends on the element!

Today’s forecasts are very rich and complex, which is why we need to analyze point by point. If in the previous paragraph, we analyzed what generally happens to the energies of the day, in the following we try to deepen the matter taking into account the fact that each one retains its specificity. Everyone uniquely manifests himself, but the surprises of the Trigones of the Horoscope at the end of July are many. Let’s say that before the end of the summer many “things”, not to mention “relationships”, are destined to change. Some evolve positively, while others are destined to collapse miserably. Some signs have already experienced a strong malaise with Venus Retrograde, today is the… sequel!

The Horoscope for July and the fire signs, what happens to them with the Trines around?

Known for the aggressiveness with which they eat life, both good and bad, they must be very careful in this stage of their lives. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are signs that you love or hate them, there is no in-between. In short, it’s a bit like how their attitude manifests itself concerning life. And it is precisely in the “middle” that they must try to understand how to move. How do Trines act towards spontaneous, energetic signs with the same emotionality as tense nerves? The drive, if well managed, can direct their action towards an attitude that aims to solve problems. Precisely, spontaneous, direct, and enthusiastic, if they want they “clarify” what is wrong. If they don’t, it’s because they’ve already gone too far.

Trines also for the water signs, the turning point takes place unexpectedly!

Known for their manipulative art, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are the water signs that turn the lives of those who meet them upside down. After relating to them, it is as if everything has changed once and for all. They leave an indelible mark. They are deep, emotional, and empathetic, but they also know how to escape in such an “articulated” way that the person they are dealing with does not even realize it. Indeed, being empathic observers could be the right weapon to change the fate of such a negative period. However, attention must be placed on one’s feelings, just do everything possible for those who do not deserve it.

Earth signs and forecasts of the day, nothing is the same for them too

Good at resolving all concrete situations, and the Trines seem to be on their side: Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. Luck, sensuality, proactiveness, and well-being, there is everything they have always wanted. We can confirm that these are the signs that can make sparks right now, but there is a however. We need to bear in mind for a moment that behind so much well-being, there was a period of absolute sadness and lack of beauty compared to life. Therefore, delve into what seems clear, because situations arise in which it is better not to be distracted from one’s goals.

Trines, predictions, and stars turn the life of air signs upside down, even at the end of the month!

Crazy and amazing like none of the 12, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are shocking and life-shattering! They are the signs that pull the reins in any situation. Manipulative, intelligent, sagacious, and in the right mood in any situation, they are not the most feared for this reason. Right now their humor and dialect art reaches the stars, but there’s something that doesn’t convince them. There is some doubt about some relationships, and now it’s time to investigate in depth what seems uncertain. There aren’t many certainties, but it’s better to clarify than risk a rip-off and uncontainable emotional chaos.

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