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He thinks too much and the more he does it the more he limits his prospects, the more he misses opportunities and panics.

Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, some are sunny and positive, others rather negative and pessimistic . Seeing the glass half empty means seeing the worst perspective in everything. Unfortunately, we are not all endowed with a positive spirit and today’s sign is proof of this.

Some say that optimism is the spice of life. Certainly being optimistic makes us live better, makes us focus on the best prospects and launches us towards horizons that could really change things radically. The sign of today’s ranking unfortunately has no chance of not being influenced by negativity .

The most pessimistic sign of the zodiac is TAURUS

Taurus would have a lot to learn from Pisces which is among the most optimistic, enthusiastic and joyful signs in the entire zodiac. Sensitive and confident they never give up. The Taurus probably would like to be able to have the same enthusiasm but despite his continuous efforts his glass remains half empty, his thoughts are negative and catastrophes and problems are around the corner. Paranoia, fears, anxieties, turbulent moods are the order of the day. Taurus can’t be spontaneous, he doesn’t know how he relaxes.

Taurus is an Earth sign, so it is temperamentally tenacious and determined , unfortunately it invests this force in negative energy as it constantly feeds it.

According to astrologers, the cause of his pessimism lies precisely in his marked tendency to think excessively and to intellectualize everything, the more he does it the more he tends to be assailed by doubts, to doubt even himself.

Fortunately, being a great timeless pessimist also has a positive side, it also makes him a very thoughtful and measured person. This sign will never be blunt and direct in saying what he thinks but will find a way to sweeten the pill. He has a lot of tact and a lot of thoughtfulness. They are people with whom he easily coexists.

It would be of great help if the Taurus found a way to break down his thought barriers and started thinking less before acting or having no expectations so as not to be disappointed. Taurus is too afraid of failure to set goals.

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