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Are you one of the zodiac signs that react worst after a breakup in love? Let’s find out now with our ranking today!

There are people who, no matter what happened to them in life or how to take their partner (or ex- such ), will react always wrong when it comes to leaving.

You’re not going to be one of those, are you?
Hmm, we do not know if they trust you: better to check with the ranking of the Zodiac signs in today and see who’s in the top five positions!

The zodiac signs that react worst after a breakup in love: find out if your sign is also in the rankings

Nothing wrong with having to deal with a breakup in love and overdo the drama a little.
We all know that person who hasn’t stopped crying for days or has completely lost face singing love songs outside his ex’s window.

Worse still: we could even be those people we used as an example before!
In short, there is nothing to do: breakups are not simple and everyone faces them as best they can.

These five zodiac signs, however, take breakups in love badly and are capable of truly extreme or embarrassing gestures (depending on the point of view).
Not to be too sure in the ranking of today? Let’s check it now!

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Cancer: fifth place

Although Cancers are among the most emotional signs of the horoscope, today they are found only in fifth place in the ranking of the signs that take the breakup in love worst.
Of course, all Cancers (and all Cancer boyfriends, friends, and exes ) already know why.

The tears. When cancer is allowed to or has to face a rupture in love, you can be assured that there will be tears to no end. A waterfall, a torrent in flood, an ocean: impossible to quantify them. Cancer put us weeks to stop crying: you can not say that to take good!

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Gemini: fourth place

Kings and queens of pretending nothing happened, those born under the sign of Gemini face breakups in love with an icy coldness. Thing? Are they sad? But let’s not joke!

Of course, it is a little strange to see them out of the house at any hour of the day and night, trying to go out practically even with the friends of the kindergarten to be able to distract themselves and be in company.
And if there is the possibility of drinking to forget, the Gemini will do just that: you will always see them looking for any distraction or to put themselves in a dangerous situation (to be able to then call the ex for help).

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Scorpio: third place

Another king (or queen, of course) of ice age after a breakup is Scorpio. If you have left this mark (what courage!), Scorpio will surely have reacted in a particularly cold way.
Ah, have you left him? Oh well, Scorpio has so much more to do!

This second sentence is certainly true: Scorpio fills up with things to do, in a vain attempt to be so busy that they can’t think about your breakup.
Work commitments, with friends, gym: if needed, Scorpio also takes a pet so they don’t have to think about you! Too bad, though, that as soon as they are alone and without thoughts, Scorpio is sticking to your company and you spying without mercy. It takes longer to get out of the tunnel!

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Sagittarius: second place

Did you split up with a Sagittarius? You might as well forget about him completely because Sagittarius has already eliminated you from his life!
Let’s not talk about social networks: the moment you are talking to Sagittarius to tell him that it’s over between you, you can be sure that he is blocking you everywhere!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp: not only your profiles but also those of your friends and relatives will be blocked and banned.
The Sagittarius is no joke: if you left him you’re pretty much dead!

He will never talk about you again and will never tell anyone that he has known you or that you have been together.
There will be no going back: Sagittarius has already gone forward and then, just, they don’t know you and they don’t want to have anything to do with you.
Dear Sagittarius: you also know that this is a farce and that sooner or later you will collapse, don’t you?

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Libra: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs that react worst after a break in love

Finally, in the first place of our ranking, we have those born under the sign of Libra. This is a sign that, if he could, he would never really break up: for them, it is honestly too much to have to endure a breakup!
The balance earns the top spot because of this his way of doing, evasive and downright incongruous.

After you leave them (they, we repeat, they never would) they will pretend that everything is fine or that everything is as before.
They will not look for excuses and will not cry until four in the morning under your window: they will simply call you as if nothing has happened and ask you to see each other exactly as when you were together.

In the face of your protests, they will make you feel ” strange ” for wanting to refuse their company. What they try to do the scale is get back together with you without your realizing it. They are great at this and it’s best to be very careful when you break up with a Libra!

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