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Are you also one of the signs unable to leave? Let’s find out right away with today’s horoscope ranking: how much can you do in love?

Maybe you have never realized it until this moment or maybe you have always had this awareness but you preferred to ignore it.
What are we talking about? But simply of all those people who rather than put an end to a love story would prefer to build a whole new life on another continent!

Even if you’ve never done this before, you should take a look around. You know that friend who was engaged at least a year longer than he should have because he didn’t have the courage to set the record straight?
Or do you know when, instead of leaving your partneryou have tried in every way to make you leave? Well, then if you understand what situations we are talking about, today’s horoscope ranking can only be useful (or, at least, familiar)!

The signs unable to leave: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Hey, not everyone is good at leaving in life: there are also people who can’t wait to be left and who “work” in this sense for twenty-four hours a day!
Who are we talking about? Ah but the signs of the horoscope unable to leave in love: is it not that you are among them too?

Today’s ranking, in fact, wants to find out which zodiac signs that tend to ignore problems in love, trying to pretend that they are not there. These are people who, rather than put an end to a love relationship, prefer to get stuck in a situation that does not satisfy them for months or even years!

Knowing the horoscope ranking in this regard is crucial for your relationship. Aren’t you engaged or engaged in just one of these signs?
Let’s find out why these signs are not able to leave and also, above all, what are the first five.

Here is the ranking of the signs unable to leave when it comes to love stories: it’s not that you are in the ranking too, are you?

Virgo: fifth place

Accustomed as they are to order and perfection, those born under the sign of Virgo really struggle to leave.
Who was born under this sign, in fact, builds his stories of her as real fairy tales and has no intention of “ruining” them just because the relationship becomes difficult!

Virgo is a sign that leaves others with extreme difficulty: it does so only if it is forced or if you will jeopardize its reputation!

Gemini: fourth place

In fourth place in the ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Gemini. Hey, we don’t even need to say it, by now we should know: Gemini is the real “master” of pretending nothing of the horoscope!

This is a sign, in fact, that he prefers to bury his head in the sand rather than face problems. Let alone if he would ever leave a partner, even if things have been bad between them for years! Gemini is a stubborn and stubborn people, capable of changing their minds in an instant: if they left you it means that they have found something else or that they have a very specific plan. Be careful!

Taurus: third place

On the first step of the podium of our ranking of signs unable to leave in love, we find all those born under the sign of Taurus.
This is a sign that she has a hard time putting an end to her love affair with him even if, incredibly, as soon as one ” falls ” with all the shoes directly into another.

But how do they do it? Those born under the sign of Taurus manage to be very insecure people when it comes to love. They end up always being with people who are their exact opposite ( aggressive and manipulative ) and between them, there is always a relationship that is decidedly not easy to unravel. What is certain is that the Taurus must really reach the maximum limit in order to leave: and often the bar of this maximum limit is constantly raised. The Taurus just doesn’t like it leave: he prefers others to take the first step!

Leo: second place

The problem of those born under the sign of Leo is that they often mistake loyalty for masochism: this often leads them to exasperate situations that should be closed months in advance!
Those born under the sign of Leo, in fact, are truly loyal people, who would do anything for their partner.

This “everything”, however, unfortunately also includes complete blindness in the face of problems or situations at the limit. It is not a question of wanting to suffer: those born under the sign of Leo are convinced that by ” sweeping ” all problems under the carpet, life will be easier!
Unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows) the reality is not like that.

The Leo, in any case, will never leave another person: he will wait until the other person cannot take it anymore so that he can make his recriminations without feeling guilty.
For Leo it is always better to be left than to leave – they don’t want the responsibility of making a mistake and will fight to the end to maintain the status quo!

Libra: first place in the ranking of signs unable to leave

At the top of our ranking, and it shouldn’t surprise us, we find all those born under the sign of Libra. Who better than them, in fact, is able to ignore a painful situation? We are sorry to tell you dear friends of Libra but unfortunately, it is like this: you have no desire to end your love story even when it is clear that, by now, you do not love anymore!

Libra, in fact, is a sign that is particularly afraid of change unless it first has a deep and well-tested safety net. Those born under this sign never leave. They wait for others to take the first step and in the meantime, they make everyone’s life a real hell!

Even if they certainly do not do it with knowledge of the facts, those born under the sign of Libra are famous for being very unclear people. Especially when it comes to dealing with situations head-on.
They will never take the responsibility of ending a romance: they are too insecure and too little brave to do so!

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