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The stars reveal the title of the film that represents the love life of each zodiac sign.

Our love life could depend on our personality. According to the stars, there is a film that represents the concept of love and the relationship of each astrological sign.

Have you ever put yourself in a movie character? Sometimes the lives represented on the screens are not that far from ours. The astrological sign could affect our vision of love.

Which movie or TV series represents your love life?

If a famous movie was inspired by your love life, what movie would it be? Have you ever asked yourself this question? The stars have asked themselves this and have compiled the list of films of each zodiac sign. Find out which is your most representative love movie :


Twilight is the most representative film of the sign of Aries, dynamic, impulsive, and passionate, the natives of this sign crave sensations and loves out of the ordinary.


Harry Potter is the film that best describes the love life of Taurus, this sign wishes to be fully understood by the partner and would like to live a magical and fairytale love story.


All crazy for Mary, a beautiful love story with humorous notes but which also highlights deep feelings is the perfect plot for this dualistic sign, a sunny companion but also very serious when it comes to important things.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved, the hugely successful Netflix series is perfect for representing Cancer, a sign that madly wants to find the great love of his life and is very romantic.


The House of paper is the love story perfect for the Lion, a sign that you want passion and who is willing to risk everything and face the danger just to live a love worthy of the name.


Opposite poles, Virgo so precise and perfect often feels attraction for very different partners from her, driven by the desire to find a love that gives him strong emotions.


Titanic, one of the most well-known romantic dramas, Libra is a gallant sign, masters his language well, is charming, and prioritizes romance.


Spinning Out, for a sign like Scorpio, mysterious and adventurous, a perfect film is an adventurous and passionate plot, where challenges cannot be missing.


The 100, the perfect film for this altruistic and adventurous sign, which puts passion in love first.


Stranger Things, Capricorn is a sign that is always loyal to duty and leaves little room for feelings. A story in which the two partners understand each other and complement each other perfectly is her perfect love story.


Riverdale, this is the film of the most eccentric sign of the horoscope, a sign that does not want an ordinary love story, for him an ideal love is a strong couple were two very different intelligence merge.


The alchemy of Christmas, Pisces is the most dreamy sign of the whole horoscope, for him, it takes a love story that can make his imagination vibrate, a story that is in some ways impossible but which certainly does not lack passion.

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