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Find out which emotion is the worst enemy of each zodiac sign of all.

Emotions are what make us feel alive and lead us to experience always different sensations. Whether they are positive or negative, they resonate within us, giving us the measure of time and space and characterizing every moment of life with a memory destined to become indelible. Each of us has a different way of experiencing and managing emotions. Which can vary according to one’s background, character, or past experiences. What is certain, however, is that no one is immune to emotions.

Although it can be said that each of us is predisposed to try some more than others. Going to the negative ones, for example, each sign of the zodiac has a stronger emotion that is its enemy and whose strength largely depends on the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after seeing what is the positive side of being single in quarantine for each sign of the zodiac and what is the thing that haunts the zodiac signs the most during the quarantine, we will find out which is the strongest negative emotion for each zodiac sign. Since this is something related to emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to have a more complete idea of ​​the emotion to be fought.

Astrology: the enemy emotion of the various zodiac signs

Aries – Anger
Those born under the sign of Aries are instinctive people and therefore love to live every moment following their emotions. This also applies to the negative ones, among which, the strongest they experience, is undoubtedly anger. Often easy to excesses of anger, they tend to harbor anger whenever things do not go as they would have liked. A detail that makes them not very lucid, creating problems for them both in relationships and in practice. When they are angry, they almost always tend to make bad decisions, acting more to try to appease the anger they feel than to solve the problem that triggered it. A situation that they can hope to improve only by learning to manage themselves better and to manage every moment of anger.

Taurus – Sadness
The natives of Taurus do not like to experience negative emotions and among these, one that makes them feel particularly frustrated is sadness. Whether it’s something that went wrong, a fight with someone they love or a time they don’t think is the best, what makes them suffer the most is the feeling of sadness that comes with it. When this happens, this emotion tends to take over, becoming a constant thought from which they can no longer get rid. For this reason, to learn to manage their emotions, the natives of the sign should learn to reflect deeply on themselves to discover the causes of their sadness and deal with them one at a time, until they understand the exact origin. In this way, they will be able to count on the possibility of evading it to finally concentrate on something else.

Gemini – The confusion
Those born under the sign of Gemini are dual people and able to experience even more than one emotion at a time. This ability, which at times can be surprising, in other cases can generate in them a sense of confusion. When this happens, the latter emotion takes over, taking over everything and thus preventing it from experiencing other types of emotions. It is something that puts them in a lot of crisis and that they struggle to face, more and more lost in negative thoughts and sometimes even self-destructive. Fortunately, these are people rich in resilience and it will be enough for them to commit themselves to shed light in their way of feeling emotions to find a solution to the problem, thus coming to feel more in balance and away from the unpleasant feeling of not knowing what they are feeling.

Cancer – Fear
The natives of Cancer are sensitive people to the point of fear many things. Fear is therefore an emotion that they feel frequently and that often and willingly tends to ruin their days. Whether it’s the fear of losing someone dear or the fear of not being loved or not liking someone, the extent of their emotions is always such as to make them feel bad. A situation that is not at all pleasant and that if not dealt with in time can only get worse. For this reason, the natives of the sign should force themselves to do something to become stronger, choosing to face every single fear from time to time. A difficult strategy to implement but it can bring them various benefits.

Leo – Jealousy
Those born under the sign of Leo tend to experience jealousy very often. Whether it is the one towards the partner or jealousy more similar to envy and born from something that others have in greater quantities than them, what they feel is something negative to the point of making them more bad and combative. The only way they know to overcome this emotion is in fact to fight to change things by getting what they think is rightfully right. A good way to get out of this way is therefore to learn to accept that everyone has what they have and that this does not take anything away from them, even when they experience a sense of unease about it. Understanding this can be the first step towards a life with more positive emotions than those experienced up to now.

Virgo – Apathy
One negative emotion that tends to take over Virgo natives in an absolute way is apathy. It is a condition in which they find themselves unwilling to do anything, closing up like a hedgehog and limiting themselves to surviving. Although each of them experiences this emotion in a different way and for reasons that are often also opposite to each other, the result is always the same. It follows that the natives of the sign find themselves living approximately, limiting themselves the possibility of experiencing the more positive aspects of life almost as if they wanted to hide from something. The only way to overcome this condition that they hardly ever realize is to always choose action. Only in this way will they be able to remain active and able to experience emotions that, even if negative, are always better than their absolute absence.

Libra – Nostalgia
Those born under the sign of Libra, sometimes tend to get caught up in sadness. This is especially the case when they feel nostalgic for something. It is therefore a condition that they can experience during the holidays, when they find themselves reviewing old photo albums or when, more simply, they stop to think about the past. It is something so big that it expectedly takes them, making them feel more out of tune than ever and making them unable to react as they would like. The only way out would be to force oneself to act even when they feel that this hurts and once the obstacle is overcome, force themselves to stop well before the nostalgia sets in. It is not an easy thing, but with a little practice and a lot of goodwill, they can hope to succeed.

Scorpio – Pain
The natives of Scorpio are particularly sensitive people. For this reason, what hurts him the most is to suffer. Regardless of the reason, feeling pain is something they loathe and it makes them sick to the point that they lose the clarity needed to work out the right way out. A situation that only by learning to live and to experience pain will they be able to make their own to the point of obtaining a sort of antidote. It is a strictly personal journey that they have to face alone. Once they succeed, they will find themselves stronger than ever and finally able to face pain, knowing that they have the tools to face it and beat it.

Sagittarius – Enthusiasm
Yes, however absurd it may seem, the emotion that has always been the enemy of those born under the sign of Sagittarius is enthusiasm. Their way of living what they feel leads them to transform this emotion into something negative. This happens because they tend to live it fully, throwing themselves headlong into every situation and forgetting to think about it as they should do. A modus operandi that risks giving them problems after problems and that only with greater self-criticism and foresight can they hope to learn to manage to be able to make the right decisions without them appearing hasty and therefore wrong.

Capricorn – Impatience
The natives of Capricorn are impetuous people, who love to live life to the nth degree and who act even before thinking about what they are doing. The emotion that puts them most in danger of all is therefore impatience. Something which they rarely realize and which therefore proves to be potentially risky for each of their projects. Although they always know which are the right moves to make to reach a goal, they can not give in to impatience. This leads them to take shortcuts that are often dangerous and capable of smashing their plans. One thing is that only by fully committing themselves and forcing themselves to act differently can they hope to change.

Aquarius – Calm
For those born under the sign of Aquarius, calmness is both a strength and a weakness. While they manage to feel relaxed to the point of being able to handle things with relative calm, on the other hand, this same calm is what leads them to move too slowly. It is a bit like they are unable to feel emotions capable of shaking them. And, therefore, they always risk living a life on the sly, made up of a single constant level that over time could end up making them flat in a flat life. A situation that they struggle to recognize and from which they can only get out of it wanting and committing themselves to experience ever new emotions and able to finally make them feel alive.

Pisces – The disappointment
The natives of Pisces are among the most imaginative signs of the zodiac. Their ability to dream represents their strength but leads them often and willingly towards the emotion that is the most enemy of all, that is, disappointment. When they dream the natives of the sign tend to do it big. This means that the risk of being disappointed is always around the corner. When this happens, they suddenly feel sad, as if they are emptied of something and unable to experience other emotions. It is a situation that they must learn to deal with on their own, looking disappointment in the face and learning to live with it. In this way they will know it more and more deeply, becoming somehow immune to it. This will leave much more room for all the positive emotions that usually distinguish them.

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