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Ranking From The Most Intimidating Signs To The Sweetest

‘Face of few friends’, there are people who just by looking at them give you chills, because they are really intimidating their gaze is so intense that it seems as if they are angry all the time, have you already thought of someone? Maybe it is not him, it is his sign that makes him show another face, because once they meet them you discover that they are the sweetest , as well as the people who waste smiles at every step. Let’s see where you rank from the most intimidating to the sweetest signs:

1.- Scorpio 

The reason why Scorpios are scary at first sight, is because they are really mysterious, they do not like to show their tender side, because they know that there are people who only approach to open wounds. Scorpio is not afraid to show his dark side, on the contrary, he enjoys when the other thinks twice before messing with him. Actually, he is very calm, but do not try to tease or hurt him, because they are the ones who know the taste of revenge. 

2.- Virgo  

Without a doubt, Virgo is one of the most intimidating signs of the zodiac, because they are quite intriguing, you never know for sure everything that navigates their mind and they are a cluster of thoughts. In addition, they have a very strong character , they are not one of those who put kindness first, they are more serious and that makes them seem like they are upset all the time. Virgo has very high expectations, they demand too much and that is why they do not open the door to just anyone.

3.- Aquarius  

Aquarius is like that, in fact they have learned to love their loneliness, they do not like to depend on anyone and that is the reason why they do not go through life looking for friends. They are quite reserved and hate when they have to deal with people who do not share their way of seeing life. Aquarius always has his mind traveling, there are many thoughts and feelings that he faces every day. He doesn’t have time to interact, but when you meet him he is a delight. 

4.- Capricorn 

Capricorn had to be in the first places, his close friends know very well that what they hate the most is having to feign happiness, they do not get along very well with the concept of hypocrisy, so they prefer to show their bad face, even if they stay with few friends. They are not one of those who take the first step when it comes to interacting, theyprefer to analyze everything around them. However, they are polite, cordial but with an intimidating seriousness.

5.- Taurus 

In the ranking of the most intimidating signs to the sweetest, Taurus occupies number 5. It is not that Taurus is intimidating, it is more shy than negative when it comes to interacting. Actually, it is one of the kindest signs, but it is difficult for him to show feelings and more when he does not know you deeply. Taurus can be the most reserved soul, they put up a huge barrier and things get worse when their stubborn side shows up. With his seriousness and defending an idea, Taurus leaves more than one silent. He does not like to be silent, although his opinion does not offend the rest.

6.- Leo 

The truth is that the reason Leo is mildly intimidating is because of his brilliance. In fact, the moment your ego takes over it can make others feel like they don’t have your same abilities. Leo is always against the clock and when he has a goal to achieve, the people at his side become nothing . You don’t really start the conversation if you don’t feel confident, at least not in a genuine way. It is more superficial, a simple greeting and that’s it.

7.- Aries 

We already entered the part of the least intimidating. It is funny, because Aries is fire from the side you see it, but it really presents itself as a charming being. Aries is very sweet when it comes to being friendly, he is naturally given that to converse with strangers and builds confidence when he is so genuine and willing to take the risk in everything. It is a passionate sign and it transmits it, so all the time it is supporting. Its closeness is welcoming.

8.- Gemini 

And yes, in the ranking of the most intimidating signs to the sweetest, Gemini is in eighth place. Although they may say that Gemini is cold, they are actually the most sociable being you can come across. They don’t really make any effort when it comes to talking, because they are tremendously intellectual, they have themes to throw out the window and if we add to that that they are extremely versatile, everything gets better. No matter the place or the people, he always has a great time. Gemini is confident and likes to enjoy the moment, not hooked.

9.- Sagittarius 

Daring, brave, funny, the Sagittarius spirit never stops, he is free and he likes to know everything around him. Being so adventurous it is impossible not to waste sweetness, it is the type of sign that inspires you, what moves you deep down and makes you want to go out and enjoy the world. Sagittarius is very funny, the life of the party, the one who does not know schedules, he enjoys the same at sunset as at nightfall. Sagittarius is life, it is impossible not to please those who look at it.

10.- Cancer 

Of the sweetest people that life can present to you, without a doubt, Cancer is the one who nourishes you in every way, is a noble soul, who transmits comfort and invites you to simply let yourself go . Cancer earns people’s trust in a short time because it proves it with facts. He is not afraid to approach and when it comes to showing feelings he does. Cancer can be quite emotional, but it is one of the most genuine beings, it does everything from the heart.

11.- Pisces 

The penultimate on the list, it is inevitable that Pisces is so empathetic, he is the one who always understands who gets in his way. He does not judge, loves and has no need to pout anyone. Talking to Pisces is like taking a look at your deepest secrets, what you don’t talk about. It is an understanding, respectful sign and when you least think about it, you have already told him your whole life. Pisces is the type of person who doesn’t mind running out of food to help others.

12.- Libra  

And last in the ranking from the most intimidating signs to the sweetest, the sweetest of all, Libra is the person who whatever happens always has a smile to spare. It is so noble that it has the ability to see the good side even the cruelest being on the planet, it is the sign capable of understanding what the rest do not. Talking to Libra is synonymous with hospitality, he welcomes you with open arms and although it is hard for him to trust the first time, he never refuses to listen to you. He has the best advice because he always sees the problem from two sides.

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