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How to love each zodiac sign to make them happy.

Love is one of the feelings for which both millions of pages and notes have been consumed and which, every day, continues to move millions of people towards something. Precious for those who find it and painful for those who lose it, this feeling surrounds the life of each of us for better or for worse. After all, who hasn’t fallen in love at least once in their life? A precious moment in which the primary goals are usually to get noticed or to make a relationship that has just begun last as long as possible. Of course, love is too ethereal and mysterious to circumscribe it with rules that are suitable for everyone. It is also true, however, that each of us has a personality that in some way determines the ways in which we prefer to be loved.. There are those who want more freedom, those looking for dialogue, or those who have a constant need for pampering. Needs that many times also depend on the zodiac sign and the ascendant and that in a love story can make the difference.

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Of course, without the underlying feeling, trying to give what is missing to the other will do little to build a relationship. If you are together, however, and you want to make the other person feel their best, perhaps finding out how each zodiac sign wants to be loved, can give that extra gear to move in the right direction. Today, we will discover how to best love each sign of the zodiac. That said, it is important to always remember that in the presence of feelings the ascendant could even play a much more important role than that of the zodiac sign.

How each zodiac sign wants to be loved

Aries – With ever new stimuli
Those born under the sign of Aries are extremely dynamic and always ready to get going for each new adventure. Even in love, therefore, it is strictly necessary for them to always have new stimuli in order to feel the story as something fresh and to see the partner as a person capable of renewing himself every day. Only in this way will they feel in tune and in the right relationship.

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Taurus – With safety signs
The sign of Taurus is characterized by the need for safety combined with a very strong reticence towards change. For these reasons, loving them in the right way means respecting their fears by transmitting security and at the same time avoiding sudden changes that would end up creating unnecessary anxieties. Every novelty is in fact something dangerous for them as it is unexpected. A partner who loves to change every day, in order to love them, must therefore learn to respect this need, coordinating it, if possible, with their own.

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Gemini – With a life full of experiences
Those born under the sign of Gemini, although eager for a certain freedom and to live constantly in balance in order to feel alive, when they fall in love they do so in a serious and profound way. In order for the relationship to last long, however, it is necessary to meet their need to live new adventures. A couple of evenings at home can also go well but can never represent everyday life. Indeed, to be honest, it is precisely the concept of everyday life that should give way to improvisation. The way to make them happy? Organize surprise trips, take them to unexpected places and always grasp new things to experience together.

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Cancer – Making them feel loved
Those born under this sign have a constant need for attention which they nourish themselves to silence the many insecurities that distinguish them. In love they need to be able to trust and trust the other person, feeling complete and secure in the relationship they are experiencing. When they love, in fact, they know how to give a lot of themselves but for this very reason they risk being easily injured and in order not to take the risk they tend to keep almost their distance avoiding giving themselves completely. Making them happy therefore means giving them such a sense of security as to allow them to open up and finally be themselves, free to love without fear of having to suffer.

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Leo – With sincere expressions of esteem
Those born under the sign of Leo are easy to win over. For them, it is essential to always feel at the center of attention and to know that they are appreciated for what they are and what they represent. For this reason, then, once you reach their heart, the hardest thing will be to stay there. While they love flattery, in fact, lions hate knowing that they are being deceived and will do everything to make sure that every certificate of esteem is true and sincere. Stay away from liars or false flatterers then. For the story to work well, it is important to truly appreciate them and be able to demonstrate it to them at all times.

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Virgo – With the right presence by their side
Natives of this sign are precise and fiscal. In love, they, therefore, need someone who is able to slow them down whenever possible and give them the right opportunities to have fun and enjoy themselves. Their life, in fact, often runs the risk of being devoid of fun or stimuli that usually must come from those around them. And who is better than a loved one to fill this role? But be careful, because the difficult part is finding the right fit and not being excessive or insistent if for a weekend they really prefer to dedicate themselves to work rather than going out for a ride. Knowing how to understand them is therefore another important quality to have in order to love them in the way that suits them best.

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Libra – Appreciating them for what they are
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who tend to like to surround themselves with beautiful things and able to make them feel their best. In love, however, they need to feel appreciated even beyond the aesthetic side, of which they are usually quite confident given the time they spend taking care of themselves. What they really need is to know that their intellect is understood and appreciated and that the person they have at their side is able to support them and also give them new stimuli. All for an equal relationship, in which you feel important but constantly supported by the right person.

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Scorpio – with patience and desire to always evolve
Those born under this sign are particularly difficult to love in the right way. Their needs, in fact, are constantly changing. What does not change, however, is the need to feel loved and to know that you can blindly trust the other person with whom you must be a team rather than a couple. Likewise, loving them means knowing how to grasp and curb their anxieties which are much more than you think and which in the long run can lead them to distance themselves if they decide that they depend on their partner. In short, it takes a good dose of patience and a great desire to grow continuously, trying to grasp the needs of the loved one and then satisfy them. The prize will be a unique and strong love. And that’s not a trivial matter, is it?

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Sagittarius – Supporting their need to travel
Sagittarians love more than anything else to feel free and to be able to travel the world in search of ever new destinations to discover. Loving them in the right way therefore means having at least their same passion for travel and adventures to do even with little notice. Their need for freedom, in fact, makes them a sign not used to a lasting relationship. However, this could happen if on the other side there is the desire to indulge the need to move often and to always feel in new situations. Down with the monotony, in short. And everything will turn out for the best.

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Capricorn – Giving them a sense of family
Those born under this sign need stability and, at the same time, are very attached to the concept of family. In a lasting relationship it will therefore be essential to always make them feel safe and with a well-defined perspective of a future together in which to include the family. Not only the one that is thought to be built together but also that constituted by the relatives to which Capricorns are usually very close.

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Aquarius – Having the same ideals
Those born under this sign can be quite difficult. Their way of being often over the top is in fact a character side that is difficult to mitigate. At the same time, they need to feel free but to know they can rely on the other person at any time. In love they tend to look for someone who is like them, so they don’t have to struggle to understand and be understood. A good dose of independence is therefore essential, together with the ability to convey one’s feelings clearly and immediately. Only in this way can we hope for a lasting relationship.

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Pisces – Loving them and their art
Those born under the sign of Pisces are artistic people who for this reason are narcissistic and sensitive. A sign with which it can sometimes be difficult to deal in love and which must always be surrounded by various attentions. Among these, sincere attention to what they love must not be lacking. Whether it is cooking, painting, writing or music, whatever their passion is, they will have to feel appreciated and indulged because very often it will be through their art that they will talk about themselves, communicating things that otherwise may never come out.

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