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The Biggest Turn-Offs—Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The thing you hate the most is waiting. You hate when people don’t return your phone calls or when you have to wait for someone.

You know that your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend it in waiting when you can do something more interesting and productive.


You are a very organized person with a plan. Therefore, you like things to turn out exactly how you planned them to. So, the biggest turn-off for you is change.

If something unplanned happens and changes your plans, you will flip out. You are a real control freak.


You are very positive and outgoing—a real social butterfly. You like to be around people and you love to smile and laugh at good jokes.

The thing you hate the most is being alone—you can’t stand not being around people because that’s when you are the most positive.


You are totally emotional and sensitive. It takes a lot of time for you to open up to someone and completely trust them.

So, your biggest turn-off is being surrounded by strangers. You have to get to know someone in order to feel comfortable around them.


The thing a Leo hates the most is reality. Because you are a person who has to be the best at everything you do, you can’t accept the reality when someone does something better than you. Or when someone is in the spotlight instead of you.


Your biggest turn-off is needy people. You hate when someone is too dependent.

You are a very independent person, so you expect others to follow your example. You hate clinginess because it suffocates you.


You are a person who cares for everything that breathes. The one thing you can’t take are people who present themselves as something they are not.

This is because you value honesty above all else and you seek justice everywhere you go. People that bulls**t you are people who annoy you the most.


You hate people who are negative and you absolutely can’t stand gossiping. So, your biggest turn-off is liars. You hate being falsely accused.

So if someone is planning on blaming you for something, they better have strong proof.


You are free-spirited and you don’t like to be tied down to one place. You are also impulsive and that is making you move from place to place very quickly and without too much thinking.

Therefore, you hate bothering about details. If you’ve set your mind to something, you won’t carefully think it through—you’re just going to do it.


You are a hard-working person and you know you have to give everything you’ve got in order to reach the top.

To you, the one thing that you hate the most is when someone cheats by taking a shortcut to get to the same place you want. The only difference is you do it by hard work and patience but they take shortcuts.


Your biggest turn-off is when you are limited. You are very free-spirited and you like to enjoy life. When someone tells you what you can do or can’t do, they become the center point of your rage.

So, the thing you hate most is being tied down—limited. You are a kind of person that pushes boundaries.


You are a big time dreamer. You like to look at the world through rose-colored glasses because you like to see just the best in people.

That’s why your biggest turn-off is cruelty. That’s the one things you can’t comprehend. You run away from people that are cruel to animals, people, or pretty much everything.

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