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The reason why your partner is not responding to your messages is based on each zodiac sign.

Horoscope: Couple, communication based on the zodiac sign

A couple of relationships is built in two and should be based on mutual respect and sharing. In this sense, communication is the key to happiness in a couple. This communication can be through discussions, phone calls, or text messages.

Some couples are so preoccupied with professional or family concerns that they don’t communicate enough, this often creates a distance between partners. Silence puts the person on trial, in a skeptical state, and doubt begins to settle especially when one of the partners does not respond to the messages she receives, even after reading them.

According to the zodiac, some signs are more prone to this type of behavior. Here are the communication problems of the different signs, from the most closed to the most communicative:


He has a lot of feelings, but he can’t always express them. The way he is, leads him to get stuck on some of your messages, just make him read them again.


The Aries sign is a great ambitious who likes to work and be successful in his professional life. When he gets a text message from you, it must be a priority and an important topic for him to respond to. Don’t despair as he is loyal and cares for his family and friends even if he responds late or doesn’t respond at all.


Virgo men are all perfectionists both with themselves and in a relationship. For this reason, if your partner is focused on things that he is trying to perfect he will not give you an immediate response to the messages you send him.


The natives of the sign of Libra are always looking for balance. They do their best to find the right balance between personal and professional life. On the other hand, this sign is part of the air element, which means that it tends to reflect too much. If he’s not responding to your text messages, it’s probably because he’s thinking about something else.


Aquarius is a sign that has an eccentric character and often makes new friends. His easygoing nature attracts many people. Aquarius is a very surrounded person which makes it difficult for them to always respond as soon as you text them.


The sign of Pisces is gentle. He is in balance with his emotions. If you text him, the only reason he won’t reply to you is just that his attention is shared between you and his closest friends in his life.


You never know what to expect when you’re with a twin native, and that’s part of his character. Geminis are unpredictable. It may one day reply to your text messages immediately just as it may not the next day.


Lion men are generous and loving. When they are in love, they are in a particular way. The native of this sign loves drama, if he expects him to answer you, he will, but only when something goes wrong.


Scorpio men have a spiritual character, but they have a sharp tongue. They don’t bother telling you what a problem can be when you wait for me to reply to your messages. If Scorpio doesn’t answer you it’s only because he’s in a long meeting.


Sagittarius is a born adventurer, he is constantly looking for a change. As a couple, he’s a partner who can’t keep up, and his goal in life is to fight boredom and have more fun than anything else. If Sagittarius does not respond to your text messages at all, it is because you are no longer a part of your life and express it with his silence.


As a partner, Capricorn is a private person who does not easily express how he feels about his loved one. It may take you a while to speak openly about him. So, if he doesn’t reply to your messages, it’s probably because you’ve asked him a question about him and he’s having a hard time answering you.


A Cancer native will never leave messages marked as unread. As a couple, he is a very attentive and hypersensitive partner. If he doesn’t answer you it’s probably because he needs time to give you a perfect and explicit answer.

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