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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Adore Valentine’s Day

What do you feel when you see balloons and chocolate in the shape of a heart? Does your heart flutter with joy or do you roll your eyes? Do you imagine yourself spending a romantic evening or do you prefer not to celebrate love on that day just because that’s the way it is… in fashion?

If you belong to the first category, your zodiac sign is probably one of the 3 that adores this holiday the most. What can you not like about a whole day in which you celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world, love? A day when it is not only acceptable to be romantic, but it is even encouraged.

If you don’t get excited after this holiday, it’s still worth reading the article, because maybe your partner was born in one of these three zodiac signs. That way, you’ll know if he’s secretly hoping for a bit of romance and you’ll prepare accordingly. What we don’t do for love, right?

Here are the 3 zodiac signs that adore Valentine’s Day


For a sign as sensitive and emotional as Cancer, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to come out of your shell and show your romantic side openly. Maybe he doesn’t always show it, but Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon, loves passionately and loves with all his heart. Most of the time, on Valentine’s Day, these natives confess their love and tell the truth about what they feel.


The passionate Scorpio counts the days until Valentine’s Day. He loves romantic dinners, but even more, he loves the following thing: the fact that the festivities end up in only one place: the bedroom. For these natives, only then does the true celebration of love begin. The outcome? Intense passion and guaranteed satisfaction.


For the most romantic sign of all, Pisces, Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful holiday of the year. Finally, the rest of the world is on the same wavelength. It is a day when they enjoy their romantic side to the maximum, without feeling that they will be judged. After all, I’m doing what everyone else is doing on this beautiful day, aren’t I? If your partner is a Pisces, make sure you prepare something special and traditional, because, whether he wants to admit it or not, he hopes to fulfill his most romantic fantasies.

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