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The 3 Signs That Will Make “Aggressive” Changes During The New Moon On February 9

Astrologers say that the New Moon in February is quite difficult, especially for these three zodiac signs.

The New Moon enters Aquarius on February 9, and because this sign is associated with shock, rebellion, and optimism for the future, the transformations that occur can be aggressive. While some will see the hopeful side of this aspect, the zodiac signs most affected by February’s New Moon will feel troubled.

Every 29 days, the New Moon wipes the blackboard with a sponge and challenges us to start from scratch. This lunar phase determines moments of planning, rest, and self-reflection. Each zodiac sign can expect abrupt situation reversals that can turn their world upside down this time. The signs that will feel the weight of the New Moon in February could experience great discomfort because they are pushed to give up their comfort zone, old beliefs, connections, and even parts of their own identity.

“This New Moon paves the way for a much-needed change in your life,” astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Bustle. “The need for change will be undeniable, but accepting it may be more complicated.” In other words, if you want to evolve and achieve your goals, you will have to make room for change, no matter how scary it seems to you – especially if you are among the three zodiac signs below.


Change can be overwhelming, but there is a reason why you are pushed towards new experiences during this period. The New Moon in Aquarius disrupts aspects of your career through new tasks or unexpected events, forcing you to think about the bigger picture. What does your work say about your place in the world?

“Taurus’ world may start to shake, but at the same time it’s freeing him from a situation that has become stale,” says Marquardt. “If you’ve thought you’d like to attend a class, workshop, or take on a career-related networking opportunity, now is the time to do it.” It’s time to access those areas that lead you to a more fulfilled professional life, even if this requires redirection.


You like to attract attention or at least count in the world of others, that’s why the following period will be especially painful for your ego. The roles are reversed and now you are the one who has to be attentive to those around you. Consider how they helped you evolve and adapt to your environment. “Leos may feel that someone else has hijacked their ability to maintain control and are now players in someone else’s game,” says Marquart.

Don’t take this personally. You are still important and matter. Observing the strengths and achievements of others, you will be pushed towards a new evolved version of yourself, towards the person you want to become.


Expect turbulence, dear Aquarius, because this New Moon “cuts deep”. You have a huge chance to grow and change, but you can’t do that without giving up certain parts of yourself. What habits and beliefs do you have to leave behind?

“Uranus creates instability at a central level, so Aquarius is called to reinvent itself from the inside out. It can feel like an identity crisis or as if it has lost its sense of self,” says Marquardt. These losses may feel like defeat, but rest assured that they will make way for something great.

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