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Everyone, sooner or later, finds themselves thinking negatively about something they care about. Here is the reason why this happens for every zodiac sign.

When we talk about positive and negative people, we refer to a way of seeing life in general that can be briefly summed up with the famous glass half empty and half full. Although people can be divided into two distinct categories which are precisely those of those who are positive by nature and those who are negative, one cannot but admit that sooner or later everyone finds themselves thinking the worst. It can happen due to tiredness, because you are experiencing a particularly stressful period, or, more simply, because you are almost afraid of deluding yourself.

The reasons vary from person to person and may depend on the influence the stars have on us. Today, therefore, after having seen what is the right quality to show to attract the various signs of the zodiac and which chocolate should be given to each zodiac sign, we will find out what prompts the various signs to think the worst at certain moments of their life. Since this is a topic closely related to emotions and the way of feeling, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​why you are thinking in a certain way.

Astrology: This is why you sometimes think the worst based on your zodiac sign

Aries – To not lose focus
It’s really hard for you to think about the worst. When you start something you are always full of good intentions and a lot of positivity. Yet, on some rare occasions, it also happens to you to think the worst, especially if there is something at stake that you particularly care about and about which you feel less confident than usual. If so, you avoid making plans for the future and strangely keep a weird profile. All this happens because first of all, you prefer to keep yourself focused, not to waste energy, and, even if only a little, do not delude yourself. So it cannot be said of you that you think properly about the worst but when it seems that you do it is sure because you have put in place some defensive mechanisms that you consider particularly useful for that situation. Mechanisms that, to be honest, you hardly need.

Taurus – To protect you
In life, you like to be realistic but always with a glimmer of optimism to approach things with more enthusiasm. Nevertheless, there are occasions for which you prefer to think even the worst to mentally organize yourself for how to deal with certain situations. It’s something you do to protect yourself from disappointment and to keep yourself from getting sick if things don’t go your way. It can be said that it is a kind of counterweight that you use to balance your enthusiasm and always think positively that in some cases you realize it is too excessive. That said, it’s really hard for you to choose to resort to this unless there is something you care about so much that you can’t imagine what you might be like if it fails.

Gemini – Because you are often insecure
The truth is that even if you try in every way to show yourself boldly with the outside world, inside you harbor various insecurities that lead you to often think about the worst and all without even realizing it. When there is something at stake that you care about, you end up thinking about all the possible implications and this pushes you to see things almost more negatively than positively. To be honest, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, you can even be extremely positive. Unless you’re in your best days, though, your recurring thoughts tend more towards the negative. Perhaps by believing more in yourself you may be able, little by little, to change ways and see things at least in a neutral way. It would already be a step forward, such as to make your life certainly easier.

Cancer – To get support from others
In your way of dealing with things, there is often a margin of insecurity that leads you to be afraid of how things can evolve. So when you fear that you may suffer in the face of a different outcome than what you hope for, you tend to think of the worst. In reality, more than thinking about it, you usually complain about this and all to have the comfort of those around you. Feeling supported and encouraged can give you a whole new charge that spurs you and pushes you to be more positive in your turn. For this reason, although looking at you does not tell you, you tend to even take advantage of this way of doing and to release stress and any anxieties and all thanks to the proximity of others. Simply asking for help, without having to get into a negative mood, could be the turning point to face things with more serenity.

Leo – Not to overdo it with positive thoughts
Let’s face it, your way of handling things is extremely positive, to the point that in the eyes of others you sometimes safely exceed your means. The truth is that you like to think the best in life until proven otherwise and that you are not capable of thinking negatively if things have not gone wrong. However, now and then, you even try to put yourself in a different mood than usual and you do it when you are afraid of actually exaggerating. So, to balance things out, you tend to think even the worst. And, even if it doesn’t work out so well for you, you find both a way to better deal with some situations, especially those that in everyone’s eyes are to be considered thorny. The truth, though, is that you should just follow your heart and avoid negative thoughts that don’t belong to you. Thinking the best, after all, often and willingly helps to achieve better results. So why change?

Virgo – Because it comes naturally to you.
If there is someone inside the zodiac who is capable of always thinking about the worst, it is you. This is natural to you, and you could give a variety of reasons why it is right to follow your example rather than act differently. Realistic like few others (even if sometimes you are more negative than anything else), you tend to grasp the things that don’t go even where others find it hard to see them. This makes you a negative person by nature and ready to get discouraged easily because you are always confronted with thorny and difficult situations to deal with. A solution? Make an effort, at least once in a while, to think positively. Doing so will help you see things from a different perspective and get a few more wins than you are used to.

Libra – Because sometimes that’s the only thing you can do
Even if you like to think positively and always find a solution to every problem, sometimes you too tend to fall into classic negative thoughts. When this happens you end up thinking about the worst and worrying about how to resolve any negative implications that in your mind end up getting bigger than they really could be. While staying focused and finding solutions ahead of time is often a good way to be ready for problems, when it comes to thinking the worst, you should find a middle ground that allows you to hypothesize things without falling into a spiral of no return. Only in this way will you be able to draw on your resources. Which, if you get too alarmed, you would end up not being able to do, ending up being stuck watching something that is still all in the making.

Scorpio – Because you always want to be ready
In life, you like to always play in advance and be ready for any eventuality. This always leads you to consider the various aspects of each situation that arises in front of you. And, even if you are a person who loves to think proactively, you can’t help but leave several doors open, among which there is also that of negative thinking. However, imagining possible negative developments in advance is something you do in a premeditated way and that you always tend to manage better. It helps you to find alternative solutions to put in place in case of problems. At the same time, when things go well, you have a broader understanding of them which leads you to experience them better than you would have. Then, you know how to handle this aspect.

Sagittarius – Why do you need to justify yourself
Always thinking of the worst helps you justify yourself in advance should things go wrong. You do this when you have an exam in front of you, a trip to do, or an important appointment to go to. Although in reality it only causes you unnecessary anxieties, taking this route is so natural that you cannot do without it. The problem is that you often become so convinced of the thing that you end up feeling bad and change situations that could have developed differently into a negative one. To make sure that doesn’t happen, perhaps you should try to be more proactive and find other ways to feel comfortable in borderline situations. Talking to a friend about it could be one of them.

Capricorn – Because you don’t always trust others
When you happen to think the worst it is usually because you are involved in situations that involve the intervention of other people. While it is good for you to trust yourself and your abilities, you struggle to do the same with others. For you, people are an unknown with which you find it difficult to relate, and that most of the time leads you to think negatively. Although from a certain point of view this is a way to test the ground and understand how to move, on the other it is also a path that can prove dangerous because the risk is to push yourself to isolate yourself more than you already do work and various commitments. Try to make contact with others,

Aquarius – Because you don’t want to be disappointed
Always thinking of the worst is not for you. In life, in fact, before giving yourself an opinion you prefer to wait and see how things evolve. Every so often, however, you too, like everyone else, give in to a more pessimistic view and when it happens it is always and only for one reason: the fear of being disappointed. If you particularly care about something or someone, you prefer to think about even the worst so that you can be prepared if things don’t go your way. This is not something you do uniquely. It can be said that while you think about the worst you also tend to imagine more positive scenarios and this helps you not to get too depressed. However, it is a modality that sometimes gets out of hand, leading you to focus more on the pessimistic side than on the rest. Fortunately,

Pisces – Because you are afraid of deluding yourself
In life, you are a person who loves to dream big and this leads you to be more positive than anything else. The sense of reality, however, is part of you, and even when you have no real reason to fear the worst, you always try to consider the possibility that things are not going well and all just to protect yourself. Your greatest fear is that of deluding yourself and suffering too much. The truth, however, is that feeding a fear hardly ever brings any good. Conversely, being positive makes you strong. And since you are strong enough to face it all, try to put aside various protections and try to listen to your heart. If it tells you it’s going to be okay, it’s probably because it is. And now and then.

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