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The Zodiac Signs That Suffer In The Winter Of 2022-2023.

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Winter 2022 – 2023 comes with unpleasant surprises for 4 signs.

There are 3 months of winter that come with all kinds of astrological events. The most memorable will be Mars retrograde in Gemini, which will ask us to put our lives in order.

And sometimes, in order to have order, we need to go through the chaos. Four signs will be more affected than others by the lessons offered by the stars.

What zodiac signs suffer this winter

The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 brought major changes in the lives of these natives. The holidays do not catch them in the best shape. Read, if you are among them!

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Mercury and Uranus retrograde in January will mess you up. Because of these transits, you will become sharper in expression. In addition, you are directly affected by the retrograde of Mars, which starts in December and lasts until January, which takes place in your sign. Therefore, the beginning of the year, at least the first month of 2023, is very difficult.

You will feel ready for change but somehow blocked. Mars wants you to make radical decisions, while Uranus imposes stability. Mercury also urges you to action, but, somehow, it will be a suppressed desire. It will be complicated what you will feel, so prepare yourself mentally for internal wars. You will win, if you have patience because otherwise, you will suffer!

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In the winter of 2022-2023, the horoscope prepares you with powerful life lessons. Big challenges appear in the financial sector. The stars will push you to all kinds of expenses, but beware that not all of them are for things you really need. You still have work to do in the budget and saving area. And, being a perfectionist, you will try to do everything “correctly” from the beginning. It doesn’t work out for you, and failure is painful for you.

It is possible to learn the lesson of shame, to make mistakes and see what happens. This winter, you will definitely need to stop thinking about what others think about you. The holidays will show you that the only one who can judge you… is you. And you will learn to be gentler with yourself. It won’t be easy to assimilate these powerful lessons, but you will need them for growth in the coming years.

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You will feel impulsive and, somehow, superior. A combination that, unfortunately, will make you suffer. You will speak and act on your first instinct, but it will turn out to be either wrong or too hasty. And if you add this element of superiority, seemingly out of nowhere, you will notice that prejudices are what push you to make mistakes.

Around the winter holidays, try not to judge people, but rather look at them with an open heart. And you may be surprised by some of them. If you are single, only after you give up your preconceptions will you find your chosen one. Make efforts in this sense.

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You will feel less tired than ever. If you have problems with anxiety anyway, things will get worse. And, as is your character, you will put more pressure on yourself. During the holidays, older wounds appear, illuminated by the transits of Mercury and Mars. Something will shake in your life.

You will need a lot of calm until the spring of 2023, so make sure you allow yourself the “luxury” of going on vacation, resting and taking care of yourself. This is the only way to avoid overwork and suffering.

Even if you are among these signs, do not despair, the winter of 2022-2023 also brings good news. These attempts are just starting points that will lead to evolution! Take the lessons you need to learn and go on your way to a better future!

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