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Find out if you are at risk of a flashback with your ex and all based on your zodiac sign.

Each love story has its importance and leaves a mark in the heart of those who lived it. A sign that it can become more and more subtle with the passage of time, that it can disappear completely or that it remains indelible at times as something negative and at others as a nostalgic memory. Each person has a personal concept of love and feel more generally and this way of seeing things, together with temperament, experiences, and, why not, the influence of the stars, can make a difference on certain aspects. One of them is whether or not to go back with an ex and it matters little if he became such through betrayal, incompatible characters or simple exhaustion of feelings. For some people, it takes very little for a feeling to rekindle. If you want to find out if you fall within these, all you have to do is continue reading, remembering to also check the profile of your ascendant in order to have a more precise idea of ​​what your hypothetical sentimental future could be. Let’s find out if you are inclined to fall in love with an ex again or if for you, when a story is over, it is forever.

Could there be a flashback in your little head for your ex? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – A Very Difficult Assumption
Typically you are a forward looking one who tends to focus on practical and handy things. When it comes to feelings, then, you have quite clear ideas. So, if on the one hand you never exclude anything, on the other hand you are not at all inclined to go back with an ex. It would be a story already seen, which most likely you were the one to interrupt and which would hardly be able to intrigue you just enough to make you retrace your steps. Unless there are truly out of the ordinary situations, the chances of you getting back together with your ex are very slim.

Taurus – A very easy “risk” to take
Tied as you are in the past, the idea of ​​getting back with an ex, especially if there was a great love to join, tickles you a lot. In life the news does not excite you and you always prefer the streets already known to those never explored. In addition, you are a romantic person, tied to the family and who tends to never forget loved ones. Meeting someone who was important to you again would then lead you to remember the feelings you had and most likely to relive them. The possibilities are therefore quite high. Be careful not to burn yourself, though. Before diving into a journey into memories, make sure that there is also the same intention on the other side.

Gemini – A Path You Would Never Choose
Your way of life leads you to never set limits on anything, however there are basic things you would never, ever do. One of them is getting back with someone she has already gone wrong with once. For you who need novelty and situations that can tease you, going back along the same paths of the past is in fact something that just doesn’t belong to you. Of course, things could be different if it were someone with whom you lived a short story, perhaps adolescent and who today could give you much more, responding to curiosities that have never been answered. However, this is the only possibility that you could decide to take such a risk.

Cancer – The opposite would be strange.
Anchored as you are in your memories, the idea of ​​picking up a story that has gone wrong does not mind at all. For you, love is an endless feeling and that just like a fire can almost always be rekindled. Unless there are particular situations, therefore, the idea of ​​reuniting with someone you have already loved and who maybe you have never completely forgotten already gives you a heartbeat. However, he remembers that an affair with an ex is not a game and stages different and, at times, more delicate feelings and situations. For this reason you will have to move carefully in order not to risk transforming what was a good memory into something negative.

Leo – A thought that doesn’t even occur to you
Looking back is not for you. In life you are always looking to the future and to live only success stories. A disposition that leads you not to even consider the possibility of getting closer to something that has not already ended in the best way once. For you, in fact, even a story that ended badly is a failure and as such something that should no longer be taken into consideration. Of course, the thing could be different if he had been the one to close and if a return together could constitute a revenge. Are you sure, however, that this is the right spirit with which to try again?

Virgo – An idea that leaves you indifferent
Rational as you are you do not express yourself on similar topics, aware of how life can be so strange as to even lead to a flashback with a long-standing love. However, you have no preference in this regard. For you, a closed story is simply this and if there are no particular grudges you have no reason to put stakes on a possible return together. In the same way, you will certainly not be the first to move in this direction, aware of how the sea is full of fish.

Libra – A Chance You Wouldn’t Mind
Your idea of ​​love is quite broad and it also includes the possibility of getting back together with an ex. You know well how time can change people and that often some stories don’t go through just because they were born at the wrong time. So why not give them a second chance if the opportunity arises? This way of seeing yourself and the desire you have to understand and forgive the wrongs suffered make you the ideal candidate for an affair between ex. But be careful not to retrace exactly the same path back then or the end risks being the same. Rather, it points to a story on new tracks and destined for a brighter future than the previous one.

Scorpio – An eventuality that you do not want to exclude a priori
Your concept of life contains a carousel of emotions that follow one another between roller coasters, ferris wheels and car crashes. For you, therefore, even a story that comes from the past can be something intriguing and to be seriously considered. After all, complicated things have always fascinated you. And what is better than a story that is able to give new and different emotions than usual? After all, it would be a set of conflicting emotions that, because of their gender, you don’t want to exclude without having first experienced them.

Sagittarius – Something Highly Plausible
Your liberal outlook on life makes you perceive an ex relationship as something normal. People come and go and it can happen that there are also returns after so many years. An experience that you would be ready to live with the right enthusiasm and the awareness that both of you would already know each other’s defects and that this could give the story a whole new and lighter connotation than that of a nascent story made up of many small attentions and fears. Be careful, however, because sometimes, it is precisely those emotions that give your heart a pounding. Better not try to delete them completely or the story will already start with a big disadvantage.

Capricorn – One Thing You Don’t Care That Much
Your stance on getting back with your ex is completely neutral. Do not rule it out but do not jump for joy at the thought of this happening. In life, what matters most to you is to succeed in what you do, and that includes the stories you put on your feet. For this reason, if this were to happen, you would evaluate it carefully, letting it not only guide your heart but also your reason.

Aquarius – It depends on the cases
By character you tend not to exclude any possibility, a relationship between exes, however, is not exactly something that excites you. That said, if it were a new love at first sight, certainly, you would not prevent yourself from trying, but trying to pay more attention to sensations and any problems, especially if they were the same ones that once already led to the breakup. In short, you would proceed with lead feet but without excluding anything, if not any stories ended up for a betrayal or for situations that you do not tolerate or for which you have not yet forgiven your ex.

Pisces – With enthusiasm
A story that comes from the past? Something decidedly romantic that you would welcome with the right desire to experiment. After all, what’s more romantic than an old and never forgotten love to recover? Be careful though, because sometimes there are things that only work in movies and novels. Before throwing yourself headlong into an affair with an ex, make sure that the same desire is on the other side, especially if he was the one who quit or created suffering in the past.

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