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The stars warn us about 5 particularly unpredictable zodiac signs on which it would be better never to rely.

Having a point of reference in life and a person you can count on and trust blindly is a great gift and gives us security. Unfortunately, the zodiac is populated by some signs that it is better not to trust. Find out why.

Trust is an invaluable asset in a relationship of any nature. It strengthens it and makes it stable and long-lasting. The astrological affiliation gives each sign its strengths and weaknesses. These 5 zodiac signs have the flaw of being unreliable.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs you better not trust too much

When you trust someone, you tend to let your guard down and are more at risk of falling into disappointment or being hurt. Given some of their character traits, you had better be vigilant with these 5 signs at all times and never fully trust them.


Aries natives are very hyperactive and very impulsive. When they give in to their impulsiveness they could offend and hurt those in front of them. Their attitude puts them in a position not to be forgiven and this infuriates the Aries who takes revenge by putting out the innermost secrets of their former friends. In this regard, if you want your confidences to be in an iron barrel, reveal them only to the only signs that will never betray your secret.

This emotionality also pushes Aries to break their promises, so betrayal with them is at high risk and depends a lot on circumstances and contexts. Among the greatest qualities of this sign, we find their contagious optimism, their generosity, and strong determination.


Geminis are particularly friendly and convivial people, but beware they are particularly smart and know how to deceive others to get what they want and are very credible. The twins often experience states of upset and feel overwhelmed. When they are in this state they forget everything. Commitments, projects, or appointments all take a back seat. Likewise, promises made despite good intentions also take a back seat.

This great cunning of theirs makes them able to create friction and embarrassing situations. Among their qualities, we find instead their great compassion and generosity.


The sign of Pisces is particularly sensitive, affectionate, and faithful to its values. Unfortunately, they live in a fantastic world lost in their thoughts and often appear indecisive and confused. They don’t always manage to make the right decisions and they’re always being with their heads in the clouds makes them seem unreliable. Added to this is the fact that Pisces has little self-confidence and therefore may exaggerate and say things that are not true to attract the attention of others.


Leo is very competitive and when they feel threatened they start taking action to reverse the situation. He could use any trick because he doesn’t accept defeat easily. It is advisable to always keep an eye open and to be vigilant when dealing with this sign that boasts a lot of cunning.


Sagittarius is an honest, sincere, and charismatic sign, but it is also a sign that puts their freedom above everything. They do not accept forms of restriction and if someone or something threatens their freedom they do not hesitate to get out of that form of restriction even if it costs them to offend and hurt other people.

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