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We want to find out immediately if you are one of the zodiac signs with delusions of protagonism. (Although you probably already know the answer, right?)

Everything revolves around you was an ad slogan and, of course, we couldn’t help but find it downright absurd. Of course, for those who have to sell us a service and have to make sure that customers don’t go to the competition, it’s easy to tell others that they are the protagonists and that you can’t have eyes for anyone else, right?

Less fun, however, is when you meet someone in real life who is convinced that everything revolves around him.
We all have the predisposition to think that our life and what happens to us are very important but some people sincerely think they are the protagonists of a kind of “ world ” history that sees them first in the thoughts of others. What do you say, isn’t it better to find out which zodiac signs think so … by default?

The zodiac signs with delusions of protagonism: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Okay, okay, we know: if you find yourself in the ranking of the zodiac signs with the worst delusions of protagonism, you don’t think it’s so strange to be the center of attention. Indeed, even worse: you not only think that you are the center of attention but you think that everyone must recognize that you are the most important person in their lives.

In short, you don’t need to explain yourself further: you have great delusions of protagonism, don’t you?
If you do not recognize yourself in this portrait, we have decided to warn you by drawing up the ranking of the zodiac signs that are among the most “protagonists” of all.

Better to check if there are your parents or your partner or even your best friend.
What do you say: isn’t it worth defending yourself from the protagonists of life… unable to think about others?

Cancer: fifth place

We put those born under the sign of Cancer in fifth place in our ranking today because we know how they can be very empathetic with others.
Of course, they suffer from a real mania for protagonism and they often ask themselves “ But why do they all happen to me? “When (to be honest, dear Cancers ) often practically nothing happens to him.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who care very much about others and who listen without problems to the affairs of others, also taking charge of them.
Too bad that now and then they believe they are the only ones in the Universe to worry about others: a little self-centered, don’t you think?

Gemini: fourth place

Obviously, in our ranking of the zodiac signs with more manias of the horoscope, the Gemini could not be missing.
Of course, this is a sign that he has a lot of problems recognizing what his relationships with others are: how could he not also be a real protagonist?

The Gemini, unfortunately, live a life in which they are particularly convinced that they are the most interesting of all.
For this reason, then, others behave as if they are always embarrassed or interviewed on TV.
They think everyone knows what happened to them and how they feel and they scoff at it, just like star would.
Dear Gemini, sooner or later someone had to say it: do you know that hardly anyone cares about what happens to you or has happened to you?

Aries: third place

Have you ever talked to someone born under the sign of Aries about his day?
If it has never happened to you then you don’t even know an Aries, we assure you: with them, we always and exclusively talk … well, just about them! Aries have a decidedly curious way
of relating to others. They only and exclusively talk about their business, convinced that they are the most precious bargaining chip in the world!

Aries are like this: they believe that their life is the most absurd, they tell everyone ( absolutely everyone ) whatever happens to them and they behave as if they were the stars of a Hollywood movie.
Impossible to try to get their attention if you have not first heard everything they have to say … about themselves!

Libra: second place

Even if they pretend absolutely the opposite, those born under the sign of Libra feel like the protagonists of life … of others!
They think everyone cares what happens in their lives and never misses an opportunity to be the center of attention.

They certainly don’t do it out of malice but because, incredibly, those born under the sign of Libra think they are at the center of everyone’s attention!
This often means that they feel watched and observedadmired, and envied (even when, of course, the situation is not quite like that).

By dint of behaving as if they were in front of an audience, those born under the sign of Libra quickly become truly fake when they are among others.
They always feel the pressure to let others have a nice evening, in any way! They have to tell their days by painting in vivid colors or inventing as much as possible to keep the imagination of others alight. Libra _
it knows no half-measures: everyone loves it or everyone hates it. In any case, the protagonist (always according to Libra ) is only her!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs with delusions of protagonism

Um, do we have to tell you, dear Leo, that you are the signs with the most developed manias of protagonism of the zodiac? Come on, you know very well: you believe that everything revolves around you, that the purpose of the life of others is to entertain you or adore you and that your life is very interesting. It is not true?

Leos, we have to say, are people who do not care at all about the feelings of others or do it when it is too late.
In their mind, there is a whole almost filmic narration of their life where they are, of course, the main protagonists. The Lion knows very well that he has friends (who are simple extras that he has “elevated” to characters, granting him their affection of him) and also … enemies!

Those born under this sign behave just as if they were fighting a battle. For Leo there are no “ halfway ” situations; either you are with them or you are against them! Impossible to try to make him understand that there are also others, their life, and feelings that do not concern LeoGood luck if you have a Leo partner, you will need them!

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