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Revealing the Six Signs Who Are Most Likely to Get Back Together With Their Ex.

1. Cancer

You love with your entire being, Cancer, and from the moment you meet someone you’re falling for you just can’t help but picture what your future looks like together. When you fall in love, you tend to view it as potential for forever, so if the relationship ends, it truly is earth shattering for you. Yet on the flip side of things, you are always seeing the best in people and are extremely forgiving, so if your ex wants to come back, you’ll likely be standing and waiting with open arms, claiming you knew in your heart you were meant to be all along.

2. Pisces

You are quite the sentimental one, and when it comes to love, you feel pretty much everything in a big way. You love hard and fall fast, and it can be an incredible thing. Yet if a relationship ends, though you may feel all the negative emotions that come with it, your memories of your ex and your relationship tend to be positive and happy. You tend to look back on the relationship with nostalgia, only remembering the good times and not dwelling as much on the negative ones. If your ex comes back begging for a second chance, it’s likely you’ll see them through rose-colored glasses and happily give things another try in hopes of recreating the relationship back to all of those good memories you’re so fond of.

3. Libra

You really do want to see the good in people, Libra, and it’s commendable. Often when you enter into a relationship you invest yourself quite a bit, and being alone isn’t something you are very comfortable with. You want things to be peaceful and calm, and if a relationship ends, it definitely throws everything off it’s balance in your life. Despite how hurt or upset you might be, if an ex does return asking for forgiveness and another chance, you’ll likely try things again as you have probably taken the time to try and understand why the relationship, or your ex, didn’t work out the first time and all the possible ways to reconcile the issues.

4. Taurus

It takes quite a bit for you to fully let yourself fall in love, Taurus, and so when you do, you’re picturing it being for the long haul. Once you’ve found a comfortable groove in your life, you really don’t want to stray from it. When things suddenly change, like a relationship ending, you feel everything is too chaotic and nothing really makes sense. Though you might be hurt or upset at your relationship ending, if your ex shows up and wants to give things another try, you’ll be willing to because of how deeply you do care for them and you’d rather fight for a relationship you know than venture outside your comfort zone and start all over with someone else.

5. Virgo

While this one may come as a slight surprise, it really isn’t all that shocking. You may throw your walls up quicker than anyone at the beginning of a relationship, but once you’ve really fallen for someone completely then things shift a little. When a relationship ends, you find yourself trying to fix things that went wrong, not wanting to accept the relationship could really end after all the time, love, patience you’ve invested. While part of this may come from comfort, if an ex reaches out to you to make amends and try things again, you’re likely to give them another chance. This time around going out of your way to ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

6. Scorpio

This can depend, because though you’re more than capable of walking away from a relationship if need be, you tend to not fully let go of relationships unless they do something unforgivable. You love passionately and intensely, so your relationships often reflect the same qualities, and those memories can follow you once the relationship has ended, for whatever reason. So if your ex reappears in your life and honestly wants a second chance, you’ll likely go with it because of how strong your feelings for them were, and you know you aren’t one to feel that way often. On another note, you also know that you tend to want what you can’t have, so if your ex (somehow) moves on before you do, or if they end up showing up again in your life but are just out of reach from you in some way, it can be easy to become caught up in an unhealthy cycle of getting back together with someone even if they aren’t right for you, purely based on how they made you feel in the past

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