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Love Horoscope For The Month Of July 2023. Aquarians Heal Their Souls And Make Deep Connections

A month full of joy, pleasure, love, and spirituality. This is how July 2023 is announced to be for most zodiac signs. Astrologers announce a love horoscope full of good news, thanks to some very special transits.

July 2023 will be a good month of evolution and development. On July 10 (until August 27) Mars arrives in Virgo and causes us problems in terms of organization. We can be more perfectionists or we can run into very critical people. We have many lessons to learn.

We start the month with Mercury in Cancer, stirring up our feelings and bringing us a state of restlessness. However, from July 11, Mercury will be in Leo, bringing more relaxation in communication and spontaneity in our actions, especially when it comes to love relationships. Mars in Virgo is a follower of perfection, so if you find yourself fretting over the little things, it’s to be expected. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you are looking for compassion, you will be able to find it with the sensitive and nurturing New Moon in Cancer on July 17. This allows us all to return to our roots, to our inner child.

The lunar nodes on the Aries-Libra axis start from July 17 and will guide our destinies until January 2025. It is the beginning of a new era because many changes will gradually appear for everyone. We will find peace more easily, we will negotiate and cooperate, and problems will be easier to manage.

On July 23, 2023, the Sun enters the sign of Leo and brings our person to the first place. We will be more interested in our well-being. On the same day, from July 23 to September 4, Venus retrogrades in the sign of Leo. We will experience important changes in our relationships, all kinds of people or situations from the past appear and we will have to manage as best we can. We may have to take a moment to review our values ​​and what we want. It won’t be easy, but it’s a necessary process that only happens once every 18 months.

The month ends with Mercury in Virgo, on July 29, 2023. We learn to prioritize the important things for us and we fix the things left unresolved.


Mars, your planetary ruler, moves enthusiastically into the sector of your birth chart related to productivity and hard work on July 10. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm, and this will attract the attention of your partner or potential partners. It is a favorable period for new relationships and improving existing ties. Make sure you express your feelings and make time for your relationship. Your joy sector gets a big boost when Venus goes retrograde here on July 22. It is possible to end certain situations that have put you at a disadvantage until now.


Due to the transits in the Virgo sign this month, you will be quite pragmatic in terms of love affairs. You may want to question some aspects of your relationship and seek stability and security. Open and honest communication will be the key during this period. Be open to compromises and mutual understanding to maintain balance in your relationship. For the first time in eighteen months, your ruler, Venus, goes retrograde on July 22. Considering that you are spending an extended period in your home and family sector, it may be time to review this area of ​​your world. Have you let certain values ​​slip away? Have you spent enough time with your loved ones? Take some time to review what is most important to you and how you can create a better foundation,


With Mercury moving into a different sector of your birth chart twice this month – once on July 11 and again on July 28, you may find your mental focus shifting from the grand and creative, to practical and organized. This applies especially to relationships. Are there any unresolved issues? Now you won’t leave them like that anymore. Have you had complaints about your life partner lately? In July you will say clearly and openly what bothers you. And this is not a bad thing, because it will help you to take from your soul the things that oppressed you in the first part of the year. You are full of creative ideas and the desire to attract a partner in your life if you are alone. You have a good chance of starting a relationship that will bring you a lot of satisfaction.


The month of July brings special attention to relationships for Cancer. You may feel a greater need for security and emotional comfort in your love life. Pay attention to your needs and express your expectations clearly and calmly. Be open to compromise and understanding to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in your relationship. The main cosmic event of July is the New Moon on July 17, in your sign. This is like a birthday for you, so mobilize and set those intentions. What do you want? What are the practical steps you can take to get there? Mars, the planet of action, is on your side as it moves into your ideas sector. If you are single, you might meet someone interesting.


For Leo, the month of July brings a period full of passion and attraction. Not only because your birthday is approaching, but also because, of all the zodiac signs, you have the most to celebrate this month, with Venus retrograding into Leo on July 28. You are the center of attention and you will attract new and interesting people into your life. You will be sweeter than ever, more passionate, and more attractive to everyone around you. Be open to adventure and enjoy romantic moments. If you are single, this summer you will live a dream love story. In the current relationship, show your partner how much you appreciate him and give him pleasant surprises to keep the flame of love alive.


Mars, the planet of the Warrior and the symbol of action, impulse, and energy, enters your sign at the beginning of the month, more precisely on July 10. He will pamper you with his presence for about two months, so make the most of it, going for what you want. For the first time, don’t think about thanking others. It’s okay to be selfish from time to time and put yourself first. It depends on you how the next months will unfold! There may be a need for order and organization in the relationship. Pay attention to effective communication and make sure you express your needs and desires clearly and calmly.


You are full of charisma and charm, which will attract potential partners in your life. It is a favorable period for romantic meetings and deep connections if you are single. Your ruler, Venus, still in this sector of your natal chart, slides into retrograde motion on July 22. Therefore, the end of the month will be the most beneficial for social interactions of all kinds. You will want to go out into the world, to be seen and admired. Some old friends or even loved ones from your past may appear out of nowhere and demand all your attention. Venus could bring a little drama in your life and it is recommended to avoid it at all costs.


The month of July brings for Scorpios a period of transformation and evolution in relationships. Your old planetary ruler, Mars, takes precedence this month. He changes his sector on July 10, entering the area of ​​your natal chart associated with goals and desires. As such, you should formulate big (but practical) plans for the future. Moreover, he thinks every little detail. Be careful, because your partner might feel overwhelmed by your attitude. Some changes or challenges may appear in your love life, but these will contribute to the growth and consolidation of the relationship you are in. If you are alone, you will have the opportunity to experience a new pose: the one in which you let yourself be led by a new partner and are carried by the flow of love.


Being a fire sign, you will appreciate the passionate energies of July, not to mention the fact that many of the planets are already in or entering your adventure sector this month. Adventure, you say? Yes. What do you love the most? First of all, Mercury stimulates this area on July 11, reflecting big plans for the future. The ideas are set. Then the Sun appears on July 22, allowing conscious action to take place. And finally, Venus goes retrograde here on the same day, shining a light on what you value and truly desire when it comes to expanding your horizons. It’s a good month in which you can make wishes because the Universe is on your side. In existing relationships, look for ways to bring fun and excitement to the couple.


In the first part of the month, under the influence of the Full Moon in your sign on July 3, but also the move of Mars into Virgo, you will be more isolated from those around you. It is possible to feel the need for stability and a solid foundation in your love life. Be honest with yourself about your expectations and values. Make sure your partner shares the same visions. If somehow you feel that you are moving away from the person you love, it is because a strong need for individualism appears. Towards the end of the month, however, you will again feel the need for collaboration and communication, and things will return to normal. If you are single, around July 17, a Handsome Guy may appear in your life.


Most of the action happens for you in the second half of July. This action seems to be focused mostly on relationships, with Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in this sector of your birth chart. Mercury gets the party started on July 11, inviting you to negotiate and connect with others grandly and passionately. After him follows the powerful Sun, on July 22, which allows you to lose yourself a little – in a good way. Finally, affectionate Venus goes retrograde on the same day, shedding light on all things love. You will experience a period full of intellectual and emotional connections in your love life. You are open to new ideas and deep communication with your partner. Learn to connect mentally and share common interests and passions.


The month of July brings a period in which intuition and sensitivity will play an important role in your relationships. Be attentive to your emotional needs and desires and give them due attention. Learn to listen to your intuition and connect to your partner’s deep feelings. Mars gallops into your long-term partnership sector on July 10, energizing and shaking up all that means collaboration – romantic or otherwise. There may be some clashes here. But there is also a lot of passion. Pay close attention to the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 and the New Moon in Cancer on July 17. These days will bring intense experiences for you and it would be good to take advantage of the opportunities that the Universe offers you.

This was the love horoscope for July. Whether you are in a relationship or looking for love, use these predictions to guide your steps and create beautiful and loving experiences in your love life.

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