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Find out which are the signs of the zodiac that when they fall in love they no longer understand anything, literally losing their minds. And which ones manage to maintain control.

The way he experiences love changes from person to person and makes each of us different in our way. However, there are ways of doing that can depend on life experiences, temperament, and, of course, the influence of the stars. Some zodiac signs tend to experience love more passionately while others manage to contain themselves with more or less effort. All variables that vary from person to person also according to the zodiacal ascendant.

To understand more, today we will try to understand which are the zodiac signs that tend to lose their minds when they fall in love. And in doing so we will also see how they do it. At the same time, we will also see which ones, on the other hand, manage to control themselves without too many problems.

The zodiac signs that lose their minds when they are in love

Aries – Those who throw themselves headlong into the relationship who live
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are people who live everything to the maximum power. When they fall in love, therefore, they tend to throw themselves headlong into the relationship, trying to take as much as they can. For them, there are no waiting times but only so many things to do. This way of leading them to fully experience any relationship but also to forge ahead. And this can lead them to die out quickly and run out of passion. A greater balance would therefore allow him to better enjoy the love relationship. And to savor all those moments that, even without realizing it, end up getting lost.

Taurus – Those who do everything for their loved one
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are romantic and extremely loving people. When they lose their minds over someone, they tend to prove it to the whole world in a thousand different ways. From courtship to manners in the presence of a loved one, they know how to make the object of their desires feel at the center of the world. This makes them people able to give themselves 100% and to get where many would stop. For the person, they love they are willing to do anything and that makes them truly unique. Of course, on the other hand, they expect to receive appreciation. And when this does not happen they can also take it badly. Fortunately, however, their way of doing it is so theatrical that it pushes those around them to appreciate their every attention. Especially because they always act pleasantly.

Gemini – Those who give themselves but never quite
Those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces are people who love to live on emotions. More than letting others try it, they try to try it. This means that even by committing themselves they never seem to lose their mind completely, always remaining in some way present to themselves. This way of doing, of course, does not affect in the least the fascination they can collect. Especially because when they fall in love they have very special ways of doing things. Having said that, it cannot be said that they fall within the signs of the zodiac that come to no longer understand anything. Indeed, they even have a good memory. And that helps them to always keep in mind the ways of the person they love. Which happens with both the positive ones and, of course, those he likes least.

Cancer – Those Who Get Particularly Jealous
The natives of the Cancer zodiac sign, when they fall in love, tend to lose their minds. This causes them to become extremely jealous, leading them to often feel insecure. This way of being risks creating a lot of annoyance, especially if there is a person at their side who needs their own space. Unfortunately, making them think is mostly useless and their jealousy is often also the cause of the end of the romantic relationships they live. For this reason, working on it could help them become stronger and live more fulfilling and fulfilling relationships. Stories in which they love to get lost positively. And that is, without heartaches and above all without having to make a scene for situations that most of the time are so harmless as not to require it.

Leo – Those who remain quite lucid
As much as they may fall in love, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo don’t usually lose their minds for someone. For them, staying clear is key. Used to do this both at work and in everyday life, they act like this for everything. And they don’t have big problems replicating everything even with the person they fall in love with. This means that even though they love, they always manage to have a precise picture of the situation they are experiencing. And the same is true of the person next to them and who they can see with strengths and weaknesses. An aspect that often makes them appear almost detached but that some of them know how to manage so well that they do not weigh in any relationship. This is why, even if they are always attentive to what happens around them, they still know how to show themselves in love at the right point.

Virgo – Those who lose their minds for a while
Natives of the Virgo zodiac sign tend to lose their minds when they fall in love. However, this does not last long. It could be said that the total lack of lucidity mostly concerns the period linked to infatuation. When this passes, the natives of the sign tend to come back to themselves. And they do it by showing themselves poised and lucid enough to understand how their story is evolving. Nevertheless, and even if they appear distant at times, they can feel the feelings very strongly. And when they want, they know how to show themselves so in love that they break into the heart of those who observe them. An attitude that they sometimes implement almost as if it were a tactic. Which, among other things, seems to work perfectly.

Libra – Those who remain neutral
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are famous for being always calm and, above all, balanced. For this reason, it is easy to imagine how in love they are always able to maintain a certain distance. Which, more often than not, ends up complicating things by making them pass for people less able to love than others. Apart from that, they are among the zodiac signs who know how to love and who even do it in their way are also able to give a lot. The point is, they don’t do it to appear but only for how they feel. Of course, the message that passes can go against them. But even if it’s not something they like, they don’t try too hard to change things. And they do this by choosing to always remain themselves.

Scorpio – Those who can lose their mind
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are people who always have very strong feelings, whether it be friendship or love. For the latter, they can experience things always differently, keeping themselves more or less controlled but even going so far as to lose their minds. When this happens they tend to give themselves 100% and invest as much as they can in the relationship. Of course, they also become attentive to what they receive in return. And if they feel they are being exploited or treated unfairly, they can cool down to the point of changing their feelings. While losing their minds, they always manage to keep a pinch of logic. Which often helps them to understand who they have at their side. And, of course, to act accordingly.

Sagittarius – Those who can freak out
Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are not used to losing their minds over someone, being mostly self-centered. Sometimes, however, especially if they feel unrequited, they can freak out to the point of freaking out. If this happens, they end up getting nervous and difficult to deal with. Which lasts until what they feel is completely exhausted. For the rest, they will always be so focused on themselves that they have to be chased by others. And this, unless they are in the case specified above, makes them among the coldest and most detached signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn – Those who never lose their minds
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn are people who love to live a full and stimulating life. For this reason, they usually live in love in a carefree way. Losing his head is therefore not something that often happens to him. And, to be honest, the exact opposite is much easier to happen.
The natives of the sign do not like to lose control and it is really difficult for them to do so. When that happens, they recover pretty quickly. And all because they prefer never to lose focus on certain aspects of life. Especially on those that they consider if not more important, certainly special.

Aquarius – That Who Know-How
To Stay Clear As strange as it may sound, those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are much more likely than they seem to lose their minds for love. Fortunately, they are also quite cerebral. And this allows him to control himself and maintain a certain balance. Which, more often than not, leads them to keep themselves in the middle ground. Even if in love, therefore, the natives of the sign tend to remain lucid and think before taking any step. An aspect that sometimes makes them appear a bit cold and detached but which also basically makes them free.

Pisces – Those who do great things
How easy it is to guess the natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces, when they love so much, they lose their minds. And if that happens, they become unpredictable and full of surprises. The natives of the sign are always attentive to the needs and attitudes of the partner. And this makes them ready to do even some crazy things just to get noticed and make them feel the feeling they feel. Of course, on balance they too know how to be cerebral and understand if the efforts made make sense. If despite everything they decide to start in the fourth, however, they do it seriously and in no uncertain terms. Exactly as you would expect from them.

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