Real Reasons It’s Hard To Date You Based On Your Zodiac Sign 2022


1. Aries

You scare people. You are brutally honest, and you are incredibly unpredictable.

People just can’t trust you because they never know what you’re going to do next.

Your spontaneous side is what scares them the most because they don’t know what to expect.

You are incredibly funny, but the truth is people want stability in a relationship, and you are anything but a stable and calm person.

2. Taurus

You are extremely demanding with your expectations and frankly most people cannot handle it.

You want to eat in the fanciest restaurants. You want to have the latest gadgets, and you want to look like a million bucks all the time.

You wouldn’t mind spending all your paycheck just on your looks, at the cost of not eating anything for the next few days.

3. Gemini

You have crazy mood swings. You have way too many different faces, and people don’t like it.

They don’t like being around someone who changes their behavior and attitude from day to day.

Today you are bored, tomorrow you are sad, then you are irritated, then you are happy, and so on. There is always too much going on with you and making it difficult for you in a relationship.

4. Cancer

You don’t let others approach you. When someone wants to get to know you, you make it so difficult for them that it becomes easier not to even try.

You lock yourself in and build huge walls around you making it impossible for anyone to know you.

And at the same time, you make it difficult for people who are not close to you to try to date you.

5. Leo

You are a very lucky person. Everyone wants to hang out with you. When you’re single, it’s a little intimidating how lovely and independent you are.

This is one of the reasons people are afraid to approach you.

The second reason is that you always want to be the center of attention. You always want to be the first to try something. You always want to be the first in general.

The person you’re dating doesn’t want to be in your shadow all the time. Also, your companion does not want to become invisible because of you. You are just too much to handle.

6. Virgo

You are creating problems out of thin air. You think too much about the smallest details in your life. You think too much about what to eat for lunch.

You misinterpret what people are saying and think they are all against you. You need to stop panicking all the time, and take a step back.

After all, that’s the number one reason people don’t want to date you. Your insecurities and over-thinking are just too much for them to deal with. .

7. Libra

People cannot reach you because you are hardly ever alone.

Besides the fact that you hate being alone which is why you are always looking for a relationship, you are also a social butterfly, and everyone likes you right away.

Another reason that no one wants to date you is because you are so confident it almost becomes threatening.

You just seem too perfect, to the point that others don’t even bother to approach you.

8. Scorpio

You have serious trust issues. When you are in a relationship, you can become extremely jealous of your partner.

You do this because you are afraid that your partner will hurt you. You can’t help but be wary of his actions and you act on them.

It’s terribly frustrating for the other person, especially if their love is genuine and they have good intentions. Yet we can never really know who is going to hurt us in advance.

And this is often the person you least expect it to be. Having said that, you have to take the risk sometimes and learn to trust people.

9. Sagittarius

People don’t want to date you because you are so unstable in a relationship. You are a free spirit, a person who goes from place to place without any strings attached.

You like to roam the world and go where you want to go. You will always do whatever you want in life.

You do things as you please, and you are very unpredictable. People who want serious relationships want stability, and you are not that type of person.

10. Capricorn

No one wants to date you because no one knows how to make you happy. You are so demanding and your demands are ridiculously high.

It’s okay to expect a thing or two from the person you’re dating, but it’s not okay to think that you’re going to find someone exactly like you.

You move from relationship to relationship because every man that comes into your life has something more to offer you, and that’s why you always leave the guy you are with now.

You are constantly looking for the man who will have checked all the points on your list.

11. Aquarius

You are introverted and you like to be alone. This is why people don’t like to date you because they interpret your need to be alone as detachment.

They think you want to keep people out of your life.

When in fact, you are shy and you keep things to yourself. You want a relationship, but you’re not the type to announce it to everyone.

12. Pisces

People think you are too perfect, and that scares them. Your romantic side and your charm are foolproof, so sometimes they come across as fake.

No one wants to open their heart to you because they think that as soon as they let go and connect with you, you are going to change.


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