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Ranking the Zodiac Signs by Who is Most Likely to Run Away From Love.

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is known to run away from emotional expression. Aquarians are free spirit individuals that love to live in their own world. Aquarians care deeply and love strongly, however, their communication skills do not always properly express that. While Aquarius is off in Neverland Wendy is constantly wondering when Peter will come home to her. Aquarians are huge activists that want to change the world. Ironically, their need for doing good can sometimes distract them from their prior commitments leading them to unknowingly hurt others.

Aquarians are deep souls and can only love someone if the connection is strong. Basically, if it is not worth it an Aquarius will not be interested, but when it is worth it, they are all in. Aquarians are very difficult to read which makes them the most likely to run away from love. They subconsciously push their partners away by being so mysterious. Your partner is not a mindreader and one day they will give up guessing when you will call them back. Being mysterious went from sexy to simply cold. Aquarius desperately needs their alone time more than any other sign and their partner can take this as a form of rejection.

2. Gemini

Gemini loves love more than anyone….until they are bored with that person which happens about twice a month. Gemini the sign of the twin and sign of the split personality. Nobody is more versatile than a Gemini. They crave adventure, change, and they hate being confined more than anything. Therefore a Gemini runs away from love the second they feel it is no longer an adventure to them. Once the chase is over they crave a new challenge. Geminis can never be satisfied with simply just love. Geminis need the drama to stay interested.

Gemini can push away good people that love them because they can confuse good with being boring. Being comfortable does not mean you are boring it just means you are finding trust in love. You are letting your guard down and letting all your personalities go just to be real with someone. Love does not always have to be complicated for it to be romantic.

3. Virgo

Virgo is running away from love not because they are scared of being tied down but because they are scared of being hurt. Virgo is easily the most vulnerable sign. Virgo hides their sensitivity by looking as strong as possible. They become obsessed with being the best at everything so they seem untouchable. Virgo acts this way so no one can hurt them. They are the toughest critics and the most difficult to impress. This behavior is a shield for their insecurity.

Virgo is letting love leave them by being too scared to open up. They are terrified of anyone breaking their superhero complex. Virgos are perfectionists but they are also human. Having emotions does not make anyone weak. Vocalizing how you feel makes you stronger. Learning how to love and being hurt makes you brave, not broken.

Virgo’s all work and no play structure attitude can make them miss out on romance. Romance is not planned. Falling in love is not going to fit into your agenda. Your partner may not be Prince Charming. Virgo has this undying need to fix everything. This perfectionist behavior (which comes out of love) can easily be misinterpreted as “nagging”. You are their partner, not their mother.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are extremely goal-oriented people. Like Virgo, they can let love come in 2nd place in their life or 10th place… Capricorns always have a million things going on at the same time it can be difficult to gain their attention. Capricorns tend to show their love through actions rather than words. They are more likely to surprise you romantically with flowers than tell you you look pretty every day. Capricorns are very secure they do not need a lot of affirmation from their partners. However just because Capricorns do not need the constant praise and compliments—it does not mean their partner does not appreciate the validation.

Capricorns are bosses and they forget that sometimes they need to compromise. Their independence is one of their best qualities. Yet when Capricorns act like they do not need anyone all the time this can make their partner feel unneeded. Their partner can start to feel unimportant and secondary to them. We get it Capricorn you are the queen of everything, but even you need someone sometimes. Do not forget to appreciate who love you. You can be the best and excel at anything you desire, but without your loved ones it will be lonely at the top. A busy life can still be an empty life.

5. Aries

Aries is the classic case of wanting what they can’t have. The fire sign loves a challenge and this comes in full force with everything they do. They breathe passion and confidence. They fall in love quickly and fall out of love faster. Aries loves the rush of the game and when that has faded they want to run off to the next challenge. Aries writes people off too quickly without giving them a proper chance. You will never find a real relationship if you run away the second things become serious.

Aries are very passionate people and their high intensity can scare some of the more timid signs away. Aries leaps before they look. They hate overthinking they go into everything confident and determined. Aries is not indecisive—they know what they want. If they have decided they want you Aries will it make it their mission to have you. Aries can have an aggressive nature when everything does not go to plan. Their temper can speak for them and their impatience can drive their partner away.

6. Sagittarius

Sags run to romance….but they also run away from commitment. Sagittarians love being loved and they love attention. Sagittarians are huge Yes Men. They are the Aladdin of the zodiac. They promise you a whole new world, however they are not the prince you thought they were.

Sagittarians are very fun, playful people. Their happy-go-lucky nature is contagious which also makes them very dangerous lovers. They are huge flirts and everyone can’t help but fall in love with them. It is not your fault Sagittarius that you are so irresistible, but it can be very intimidating for your partner. Not everyone will think your constant flirty nature is cute. Some signs may be too jealous for fun-loving Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are great communicators and extremely expressive. They wear their heart and every other emotion they have on their sleeve. They do not mean to chase love away but their thirst for adventure can keep them from settling down.

7. Leo

Leo loves being the star of the show and they need the perfect plus one date for every event. If you are up for the challenge a Leo can be a great match for you. However, not everyone likes to be “on” all the time. Leos are very romantic and love grand gestures. They are dreamers—yet like most dreamers, they can get disappointed very easily. If they feel unappreciated or if their ego is bruised in any way, they can run for the hills. While Leo’s are very loving they are also very arrogant. Their pride is not something they are willing to compromise on.

Leos run away from love to protect their pride. They can prematurely end a relationship to save themselves embarrassment. They would rather be the first one to leave than be vulnerable and fight for who they love. Being vulnerable is scary and you can lose. Leos cannot take that chance.

8. Taurus

Taurus is not one to run away from love, but they are one to give love to the wrong people. Taurus loves feeling needed. They like a good damsel in distress. Taurus is very practical yet with love all logic seems to be thrown out the window. Taurus will never give up on their partner even when every sign is telling them to “run away.” Taurus is the sign that stays. While Taurus seems like the perfect partner if they are doing all the work in this relationship they will eventually lose their temper and become very impatient.

Taurus can lash out and become extremely needy when they feel unappreciated. Instead of walking away from a toxic situation they cling on tighter with dear life. Taurus runs from love by staying with the wrong person for too long.

9. Pisces

Pieces are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. They still see the world with rose-colored glasses. They believe love should be like the movies. Pisces is the child that survived adulting and they are still waiting for their happily ever after. The only problem is life is not a movie.

Pisces are extremely emotional and rely on deep connections to make a relationship work. While their need for deep emotional connection is extremely admirable, it may also be holding emotional Pisces back. Not everyone is going to be your Prince Charming right away. It is not always serendipity and roses. Sometimes you need to work on relationships before the magic starts.

10. Libra

Libras are the sign of marriage yet they are still a free air sign. These conflicting attributes are exactly why Libras are so indecisive. Their traditional romantic side is making them fall in love with every new partner. They imagine their life together, their world is now shared with them. Yet this commitment scares them. They rarely can commit to plans on Friday night let alone committing to forever with someone.

They are very indecisive and super social Libra cannot stand being alone. They can jump from partner to partner without a blink an eye. However no matter how much Libra jumps they do not always let go. Libra’s are very nostalgic and they tend to go back to past lovers quite often. They can make pro/con lists until the end of the time, but they will always find themselves going back and forth.

Although Libras are extremely social and loved by new people quite instantly…they still find themselves incredibly linked to people in their past. This is their traditional side that they can not beat out of them no matter how free-spirited they are. While Libra’s love being free they love being comfortable more. Remember Libra comfort and love is not the same thing.

Libra loves love—it is the center of their life. This feeling of healing or “fixing” their partner can sometimes take over other aspects of their life. Their relationship can become self-destructive when their partner does not appreciate them. Libra can give so much and ask for nothing in return, they must remember their value and not everyone deserves them.

11. Scorpio

Scorpios are huge advocates for the truth. While they can be the most sensual sign they do not give away their heart to just anyone. They need to know it is real before they can trust. Scorpio’s guard their heart and they will not let you in unless you are worth it. They have strong pride and hate being wrong. Scorpios can come off as rash, but truth be told they just say what is on their mind (and sometimes that can be kind of scary). What you see is what you get with a Scorpio.

Scorpios do not find true love often. Relationships are rare for them it can take them even years to build that trust with someone. They are one of the least likely signs to run away from love because they rarely choose love to begin with. If a Scorpio chooses you, you must already be special to them. While they act the toughest they are actually one of the most sensitive signs. They do not sign themselves up for heartbreak with just anyone.

12. Cancer

Cancer will never run away from love unless you broke their heart. Cancer is the most loving, open, and giving sign. They are the sign of the homemaker and they really do make their love feel like your home. Cancer will not a day go by without praising you. Cancer is full of the sweet nothings and the neck kissing. Cancer is all romance and no reality. They can talk to you until the wee hours of the morning, but they can hide their emotions when you have hurt them.

They can be moody and insecure. Cancer will shower you with compliments, but they are too scared to tell you when you have hurt them. With this lack of communication, it can become very easy for sweet Cancer to get taken advantage of. Cancer is still very vocal, so their partner may not always see this insecurity coming. Cancer signs are usually quiet about their true emotions. They need a partner who can really read between the lines and crack Cancer’s hard coveted shell.

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