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Ranking Of The Saddest Zodiac Signs

Have you ever thought that the peculiarities of our character can depend a lot on our zodiac sign? Well, the answer is yes.

Today we want to introduce you to the ranking of the 5 signs that have a greater propensity for sadness.

Here are the signs that almost always seem to have the “wrong moon”.

5. Virgo

In fifth place, we can find the sign of Virgo. These people are considered particularly hard to please. This is because the world is too chaotic a place for a sign that loves perfection, like Virgo. It will be really difficult to be able to see them happy because few occasions make them fully satisfied.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn is a very tormented sign. People of this sign never seem to be happy with their lives and constantly aspire for something better. Even when they reach an important milestone, they immediately set new goals, not allowing themselves even a moment to rejoice in success. Among other things, Capricorn is not even capable of expressing his feelings, and this makes him lose several opportunities to be happy.

3. Pisces

In third place, we find the sign of Pisces. It is probably their hypersensitivity that makes them extraordinarily touchy. Moreover, Pisces live constantly in a dream world and just tries to bring them down to earth, to see all their disappointment.

2. Taurus

Silver in this ranking is attributed to the sign of Taurus. This sign can be strong and courageous but is also very afraid of losing loved ones or losing himself. The mere idea of ​​being able to “get lost” plunges him into an abyss of sadness and very long periods can pass before he can recover.

1. Cancer

The winner of this ranking as the saddest sign of the zodiac belongs to the sign of Cancer. Emotions rule the life of people of this sign, and this causes them to manipulate it both for the good and the bad. When melancholy makes its way into your life, it immediately takes over all other emotions.

It’s not easy for a Cancer person to control their emotions, and even in the happiest moments, it takes very little to turn happiness into sadness. This sign will never be truly happy, because he will always feel the “lack” of something deep inside himself and for this very reason, if there is a feeling that is a constant in his life, it is dissatisfaction.

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