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Find out what could be a perfect summer appetizer for you. The advice of the stars according to your zodiac sign.

Those who love appetizers know well how the idea of ​​starting everything with simple but at the same time greedy foods is a cheerful and fun way to start a lunch or dinner. Sometimes, however, it can happen that you are unsure of what to eat or feel bored for lack of ideas.

Fortunately, each of us is inclined towards one or more foods and this certainly helps us understand how to orient ourselves. For this reason, after seeing how to attract beautiful things based on your sign , today we will find out which is the perfect summer appetizer for each sign of the zodiac .

The right summer appetizer for you. Discover the advice of the stars

Ariete – The Ascolan olives
If there is a delicious appetizer that you will love to enjoy both at lunch and dinner and which will always be able to open your appetite, this is the one based on Ascolana olives. A concentrate of goodness that in its simplicity will make you feel in the full summer mood. Excellent to make even in a lighter version by cooking them in the oven or in the air fryer, they will always represent the perfect choice and able to give you joy.

Toro – The mini mozzarella in a carriage
Even in summer, your desire for gluttony is always at the highest levels. And what’s better than many small mozzarella in a carriage to be enjoyed as if they were real finger food. You will enjoy preparing them exactly like eating them. And all because their flavor will push you to always different variations and combinations that you will have fun experimenting with. A good way to start a meal and to fully enjoy something extremely tasty and versatile that you can also share with the people you love.

Gemini – Summer skewers
When you want to give yourself a moment of pure lightness, the perfect appetizer for you is undoubtedly the summer skewers. By being able to change the ingredients whenever you want, you will be able to fully enjoy a new and tasteful food. From skewers based on kiwi and chicken to those with melon and mozzarella to those with omelette and vegetables, the choice will always be wide and colorful. Just what you need to better enjoy the summer.

Cancer – The mini sandwiches
Small sandwiches to fill as you like are the perfect appetizer for you. A simple and delicious way to start the meal. A way that brings you back to your childhood making you fully enjoy something you love and that you will also like to share with the people you love. Also excellent to be enjoyed as a snack or when you simply want to taste something good, they will always be the choice to make to be on the safe side.

Leone – Stuffed tomatoes
A simple, summery, colorful and tasty appetizer? Stuffed tomatoes. Whether it’s cottage cheese, vegetables, eggs or chicken, every time it will be a real taste experience. Beautiful to bring to the table when you have guests and you want to make a good impression, they also represent that fresh and light meal that never hurts in summer and that you will like to taste to get more into the holiday mood you like so much.

Vergine – Summer melon with ham
A typically summery dish that, to be honest, would suit you perfectly as a complete meal is the one consisting of summer melon and ham. A fresh, savory and at the same time sweet way to start a meal and to make it cheerful, colorful and light at the same time. A food that for you is a kind of comfort food and that is why you will love to taste it over and over again. And all without ever getting tired of it.

Libra – Cold polenta with sweet and sour vegetables
An unconventional dish that you will like to offer to your guests? Squares of cold polenta topped with sweet and sour vegetables. An appetizer that in its simplicity will conquer everyone both for aesthetics and taste. Just what you will like to taste even when you are not very hungry or want to cook. Whether it’s a way to anticipate lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter to you. This is undoubtedly one of the appetizers you will love the most.

Scorpio – Stuffed
mozzarella Mozzarella to be emptied and filled with vegetables, mozzarella cubes and ingredients to taste? This is the appetizer that you will love to enjoy on any occasion. Pleasing to the eye it is also rich in taste. But above all it is able to give you that dose of good humor that only good food is able to offer you. Mood that you will like to share (along with the dish) with the people you love the most. And all for a summer evening to be spent in freedom and with a lightness that will go great with this simple appetizer.

Sagittarius – Stuffed eggs
Take some hard-boiled eggs, remove the yolk and blend it with other ingredients to go back to filling the eggs. A delicious appetizer, very easy to prepare and which will therefore be one of your favorites. In fact, tasting it will be as pleasant as making it. Not to mention that any leftovers can also be enjoyed at other times of the day. And all while allowing you to rest a little. Exactly what you need to fully enjoy the summer season.

Capricorn – Figs with ham
Figs are very sweet fruits that with a sliced ​​savory enough to create a good contrast, can give life to a simple but extremely tasty appetizer. A result that can also be replicated by combining them with Parmesan to obtain a vegetarian version and in any case more than valid. The perfect choice for you who are always in a hurry and have very little time to devote to cooking. Cooking that in this way will be much easier and more fun to deal with.

Aquarium – Zucchini rolls with cheese
An appetizer you will love is the one based on zucchini rolls to be filled with cheese. A simple and delicious meal that you will love to eat at all hours of the day and that is why you will love to have it always at hand. Excellent as a snack, it is perfectly capable of opening a meal or accompanying it as an alternative and tasty side dish. Just what you are looking for from an idea. That it is able to change and evolve with you, always offering you new ideas.

Pisces – The omelette squares
A delicious meal that you will like to have as an appetizer? The squares of omelette. Fresh, greedy and perfect to be paired with all kinds of dishes, they are a dish that suits you. One of those that will relax you always have at hand. A sort of comfort food to which you will like to associate different ingredients from time to time. And all with excellent results both with eventual guests and in terms of taste. One more reason to experiment with them several times, right?

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