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Okay, we have decided to unveil the ranking of the happiest and sunniest signs of the horoscope: are you not curious to find out if you are there?

Some people live their life as if they were immense and fantastic playgrounds. They go hopping from the entrance, eat the sugar yarn that will not make them feel bad while watching the attractions, and then have fun even in the haunted house.

But how do they do it?
Let’s find out the ranking of the horoscope of today, to understand if even that connects with your smile printed in the face of Monday morning is among the first positions.
Which ranking? But that of the zodiac signs more cheerful than ever!

The happiest and sunniest signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Imagine the scene: you’re in the office, at school or university. It is eight o’clock on a Monday morning in September and, after the summer, you are about to go back to work.
You would like to be happy, happy to find your routine, and feel productive but you can’t do it: you dream of frozen lakes, mountain peaks conquered with sweat or a relaxing bath in the sea.

You are sulking and hiding behind your coffee when that colleague (friend or teacher) you can’t stand walks into the room flipping through a yellow sweater with a huge smile on it and a toothy smile. That person is, quite simply, the portrait of happiness: he has a huge smile and a shrill voice. But how does it do it?

Before you get mad, try asking happy to turn what is her zodiac sign: maybe it’s in our ranking of today’s horoscope!

Pisces: fifth place

In the fifth place of our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Pisces: this is a truly happy and content sign and certainly one of the sunniest in the horoscope! The Pisces, in fact, have very few concerns: are people who know how to make do and pull out the maximum from the little that they have .

For them, it is always a “better way” and people almost always fantastic to have next. When you are angry, however, a Pisces can really make you lose your temper. Attention!

Libra: fourth place

One thing must be admitted of those born under the sign of Libra: theirs is the loudest and most joyful laugh in the horoscope!
The Libra is a sign that does not really problems to be happy: they are always cheerful and even drag others in their happiness!

This is a decidedly solar sign: Libra manages to be happy not only for herself but often also for her closest friends, for their goals and their successes.
The scale is always ready to sign in to feast: with them, you will have fun for sure!

Aquarius: third place

Even the ‘ Aquarium is an extremely sign happy and cheerful, it does not lose some time with the negativity! Those born under this sign, in fact, have learned from an early age to go forward and look at the beauty in life.

The Aquarium never bothers too much of a problem: go ahead and have decided, as a mission, to try to cheer up everyone else!
For them, being happy is simply second nature – they are people used to rolling up their hands and dragging others into fun!

Sagittarius: second place

Of course, if you know a Sagittarius, you know what we mean when we call them happy and sunny. This is an optimistic sign, which is not really discouraged in the face of anything.
For them, there is always a side from which to look at a problem that will make it a lesson to be learned and not… a simple problem!

The Sagittarius is one of the signs more a happy and solar horoscope because you do not ask too many questions, he does not want to philosophize about situations!
His approach to life is decidedly cheerful: there is hardly anything that saddens him and he is capable of learning something new and exciting from everything.

The Sagittarius is a sign by which we can certainly take inspiration: even if it is sometimes a little naive, his way of doing it is enviable. There are few
happy and sunny like him (and sometimes, especially on Monday morning, we are lucky enough to say!).

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the happiest and sunniest signs of the horoscope

The Toro is truly the most sun sign and happy horoscope: you want to know why? He just doesn’t know how happy he is!
The Toro is one of those signs that almost always has a clear goal in life, a desire to do that, even if at times it takes to achieve good results and love for others.

Even if you do not realize, though often he complains or if he believes to be unbearable, the bull is actually a really sign happy.
He manages to infect the people around him, perhaps thanks simply to his enthusiasm or because he is committed to making them happy.

Sometimes, the way he behaves can cause him a little stress. We would all be very unhappy if we were constantly trying to make others happy, right? The truth is that Taurus is always cheerful and sunny and would like everyone to be like him: in short, he is the happiest in the horoscope!

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