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No Planet Will Be in Retrograde for the Next Few Months

If you haven’t noticed, the first weeks of 2023 were not exactly good. We started the year with not one, but three retrograde planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The good news is that the horizon is clearing.

Retrograde movements occur when a planet passes by the Earth in its journey around the Sun and causes a disturbance that can manifest itself in different areas of our lives, depending on the planet in a retrograde evolution.

Mercury retrograde interferes with communication and information, for example, while Mars retrograde interferes with action and impulse, and Uranus is associated with sudden change and radical innovation on an internal rather than external level.

And now the good news: we have come out of the retrograde periods of Mercury and Mars and, once Uranus has completed its evolution on January 22, after five months, there will be no more retrograde planets until April 21, writes Mind Body Green.

And that, say astrologers, is a reason to celebrate.

Well, there won’t be any retrograde planets in the coming months, but why is this important? First of all, this means that the themes and areas of life that each planet rules will advance with all their might, instead of hindering our progress.

And according to twins Ophira and Tali Edut, known as AstroTwins, we can thank Uranus moving direct through Taurus for a bit of a financial boost. “Plans related to work and money could pick up speed again – be prepared!”, write the quoted astrologers.

In addition, Jupiter (the planet of expansion, luck, and abundance) is in Aries until May 16. As AstroTwins explains, this means you get all the planetary permission you need to enjoy success.

So, if your New Year’s resolution didn’t start right, don’t worry! Astrologers say that the first weeks of January should have been used more for evaluating options. Once all the planets are direct, you can confidently choose your goals in 2023 and get to work, they show.

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