Find out which are the most difficult signs of the zodiac to understand.

Each person is a set of interiority and appearance, a mix that can hardly be fully understood. Over time we find ourselves living experiences capable of changing ways of thinking or feeling and this means that even those directly involved, most of the time, are unable to get to know each other completely. Of course, things get more difficult when the focus is on others. Between their desire to appear different than they are, the lies and the ability to never really show themselves completely, saying they know a person is practically a gamble. Still, there are individuals who are more indecipherable than others, for a whole series of reasons ranging from their attitude, psychology and the way they live. Among the causes, many times, the influence of the stars can also be hidden, able to influence each of us in the way of thinking and acting. Today, we will see together which are the most difficult signs of the zodiac to understand.

The most inscrutable signs of all. Here’s what they are.

Gemini – Those who are different every day
As will be obvious to many, among the most difficult signs to understand, at least in the early days of knowledge, there are Gemini. Their dual being, in fact, makes it particularly difficult to predict possible ways of acting, generating an underlying confusion that often they themselves love to feed. To better understand them it is necessary to study them and grasp the aspects of their way of being. Only in this way will it be possible to understand something about them, even managing to surprise them by the attention paid to them. Which, in general, gives him a lot of pleasure.

Cancer – Those who are closed in on themselves
Those born under the sign of Cancer are not exactly difficult to understand. To do this, however, it is necessary to be able to enter their world and this is not always easy. Self-centered and rather touchy, they can have unexpected reactions, especially because many times, in order to please others, they tend to lie, showing themselves different from how they are and only coming out for real if deeply altered. At that point, theirs will be an open card game. Until then, however, it is necessary to learn to study them, focusing more on involuntary gestures than on their words, often used purposely to mislead others.

Libra – Those who hide behind appearances
The natives of Libra have the characteristic of seeming easy to understand, thus giving the illusion of being able to deal with them without any kind of problem. In reality, behind the calm and peaceful facade, they hide an inner world that is often difficult to grasp and that only comes out in moments of extreme fragility. To really understand them it is necessary to focus on the unspoken words, on the silences that sometimes are able to communicate more than words and on the feelings they express quite clearly, sometimes even with a simple look. Only when these steps have been taken will one be able to hope and think that one has really taken a step towards understanding them.

Scorpio – Those indecipherable by nature
Trying to understand those born under the sign of Scorpio is a real undertaking. Theirs is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, which is combined with an uncommon need for privacy. Excellent listeners, they know how to talk about themselves without communicating the essential aspects. For this reason, their every attitude will always be unexpected and difficult to understand. Even in their case, the only hope is to grasp something by observing them and really listening to them. Only by paying them the right attention can we hope for an opening capable of revealing at least the surface of their very deep inner world.

Sagittarius – The unpredictable at all costs
With their resourcefulness and the eccentricity that often distinguishes them, the natives of Sagittarius are fully among the most difficult zodiac signs to frame. Although they are very simple in nature, they have ways that often end up taking those around them by surprise. This, combined with the desire to always feel free and the predisposition to change, makes them a real unknown. Only those who really know them and have an eye for details will be able to grasp their essence, discovering much more than what appears at first sight.

Pisces – Those who live in their inner world
Pisces are one of the most difficult signs to understand and this is because they usually live in an inner world made up of emotions to be discovered. Even they, many times, end up being surprised in catching new nuances of themselves. Knowing them means deciding to dive into their inner selves, letting oneself be overwhelmed in order to understand the reason for their often apparently incomprehensible ways of acting. The prize? People with an otherwise unimaginable inner wealth will be discovered.


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